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Oh, Hello! (Please ignore how totally unrelated the cover photo is and appreciate it’s beauty, it was taken in Spain!!)

If there is one thing I love about blogging, it is getting to know the people behind the blogs; their personalities, their interests, what they like or do not like, I want to know it all (in a totally non-creepy way, I swear)! The blogs which I feel the least attached to are the ones that, although have great content, fail to paint a true picture of the blogger.

With this post, I’m not trying to be self centered or anything, just thought some of you might be interested, since I love getting to know bloggers at a human level. 

Of course, if you are reading this post, you need to tell me at least one thing I don’t know about you in the comments below!! 

1.  I lack sympathy

I really suck at comforting people. If you cry in front of me, things are just going to get real awkward as I will stare at you in utter shock and attempt to try and pat your back or do something that is considered to be normal.

This doesn’t mean I am not feeling someone’s pain, I am just totally incapable of expressing any sort of feeling when I am faced with situations like these.

2. Hugs aren’t my thing

After #1, are we surprised? Hugs give me anxiety. I will actually get stressed when I need to leave a family gathering/ social setting as I know people want hugs and I will manage to make it awkward for all of us. Trust me.

3. I have 3 tattoos

Say what GIRL!? I actually really do!

I believe I was 19 when I got this one, I got this tattoo with my sister, hers says “always” instead of “forever”. This was my first tattoo, and once you get one, you really can’t stop. It’s found on the side of my rib cage! My sister gifted me a necklace where she engraved “forever and always” on the back, so it was a big inspiration for this tattoo. It shows that no matter what, we will have each other’s backs!

This one I got on my 20th birthday with two other friends. This tattoo is the chemical structure of serotonin, which controls a lot of processes in our body and has a huge effect on our mood. All three of us had done our science studies together and thought nothing could represent our friendship more than this. This one is found in the middle of my back.

This tattoo is the one that needs to most help so bare with me! It’s missing a line in the largest peak and is a tad to small for my liking, I want to add an extra peak on the outside. Also, the lines are a little lacking in some places. I got this one with my friend to which I have been close to since elementary school. We wanted a tattoo to represent our friendship and knew that nothing beat the mountains of Switzerland. I can now forever say I have the memory of Switzerland over my heart and I am glad to have shared that moment with my girl!

4. All of my tattoos are shared with friends/family

5. My skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert 

No amount of high end moisturizer or mask can save this face.

6. I own way too much makeup 

Which in picture, I realize it really doesn’t look like much. 

7. My friends describe me as a “bitch”

The classic resting bitch face (which isn’t even in full swing here because I think there is a slight smile on my face)

Wait, let me correct that. Her exact words were “a bitch with a heart of gold”, my other friend described me as feisty.

All my friends agree however that they would never want me to change, so I guess that’s a good thing!?!? 

8. I’m always reading 2-3 books at the same time

Currently reading

I just can’t help it. Some books are more exciting then the other and I need to put certain books on pause while I read another book! 

9. I’m terribly disorganized

But I think I function better that way.

10. I speak Frenglish

A wonderful mix of English and French we Montrealers speak all too well! Most recent example was “let’s go buy a patate” (which, i’m sure you understand translates to potato, also referring to McDonald’s hashbrowns). 

11. My internship made me realize I want to do a Master’s 

Guys, I don’t really like the hospital setting nor do I enjoy food service. I really have such an interest in community nutrition and always dreamed of doing talks and conferences and working towards increasing awareness in the community.

I am planning on working for 1-2 years after I graduate (whether it be in a hospital or not, it wouldn’t matter too much for the short term), in order to make money, then do a masters in public health!!

12. I always listen to the same music

For the past year (yes, year) I’ve been listening to all of the Weeknd’s songs on repeat.

13. My hair gets greasy at a record breaking speed

TMI? If I took my shower in the morning, my hair is greasy by night time. It is truly catastrophic and gross.

14. I spend a lot of my time checking flight prices

I am continuously checking flight prices and it’s not totally random and weird. I truly dream of travelling in a way that isn’t just a 2 week vacation to England, for example (although, sign me up, I would go!!). I dream of immersing myself in a culture, living in a new place and travelling in a way that is spontaneous. My best memories come from vacations and times where I might have felt a tad out of my comfort zone.

15. I need a minimum of 3 alarm clocks to wake up

key word here is wake up, not get up.  I literally turn off my first couple of alarms while asleep.

Your turn!!! tell me at least one thing about you I do not know!

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