A Look Back at October and The Things I Loved

A Look Back at October and The Things I Lovedfeatured

Hello everyone!
Since I haven’t been posting as much about my weekly highlights, I thought, why not make a monthly highlights? I’ve made a blog post very similar to this one back in August, check it out here if you wish!


Pumpkin everything I think I might not be the only one who overdid the whole pumpkin theme this month. I absolutely love pumpkin, and I usually freeze it in an ice tray to conserve small portions so that it can easily be defrosted over the year, when pumpkin is no longer in season. Here are some of my favorite baked goods from the month!

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

What is Fall without a Pumpkin Spice Latte? I had way too many of these.

Apples Although an apple on it’s own is great, I’m actually referring to a less healthy version of the fruit; apples in dessert! My food preferences this month aren’t in the least creative, but I mean, everyone knows that October is THE month for apples and pumpkins, right?! For the ultimate post on apples and their perfect selves, check out my post where I gave a bunch of my favorite apple recipes! If you love baked goods with apples, you will definitely want to check out this post!Apples

Coffee Okay, so Coffee isn’t exactly my idea of food, but a nice cold morning with a mug of coffee does wonders for the soul. It also does wonders for late night studying, which I’ve done my fair amount of this month!Coffee and Blogging


Anna and The French Kiss I’ve started re-reading this book for the third time; it’s simply one of my favorite books. It makes me feel all warm and giddy inside and it is just the cutest most amazing book. This is exactly the kind of book you need when you’re feeling stressed. It features super relatable characters and the most heartwarming and cute story line that I can never get enough of! I could reread this book a million times and still feel as happy as I did the first time I read it.Anna and The French Kiss


Half Moon Run’s New Album The Sun Leads Me On, Half Moon Run’s latest album is ridiculously amazing, I urge anyone to go ahead and listen to it! If you have never heard of them, they are an alternative group that have been gaining a lot of popularity recently AND they are Montreal based (Woohoo!!). This song I’m putting up for you is one of my favorites, and I seriously got chills towards the end. Please, please, please listen to them. This is one of their slowest songs on the album, which always tend to be my favorite kinds of songs.

Random Favorites

This Quote Because being a happy person is important! quoteThe Changing Colors of The Trees Because what is more beautiful then the trees going from green, to red, to pure yellow? Every year, I’m mesmerized by the beauty of the changing colors.wpid-wp-1446570588514.jpeg

Halloween Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun! My sister, our boyfriends and I went as the four seasons! My sister made most of the costumes, and she did a really good job! It was a super fun night, and dressing up was the funnest part. Since I dressed up as Winter, I had so much fun wearing glittery eyelashes and putting lots of highlight on my face to look frozen. My sister, who dressed up as Fall, had huge green feathery lashes that were so awesome! We attempted at breaking glow sticks and splattering them on James so that he could glow (he was being Summer), but the glow faded within 5 minutes and he just ended up smelling like plastic. That didn’t work out so well, unfortunately. My sister’s boyfriend was dressed up as Spring and had a bunch of flowers on his shirt, he was like a walking garden! I think it’s safe to say that we kind of nailed our costumes, if I do say so myself.Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes

My Pup It’s hard for me not to include our little puppy Sasha in my favorites, because she is simply my favorite! I love her crazy and stubborn character and I sure love that cute face! She’s also a huge stress reliever; whenever I feel overwhelmed I just march right up to her and cuddle with her until I’m calm again, works every time!Sasha the Cockapoo

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I love looking back and remembering all the things that made me happy over the month!

What made you happy in October?

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