Are You Living for Right Now?

Are You Living for Right Now?featured

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Who’s looking forward to the month of June??

What about that trip that is coming up?  I actually leave for Europe in 80 days, say whaaat?countdown

What about today? Are you counting down the hours until the end of your day so you can go enjoy the weather outside?

I feel like I’m always looking ahead, either towards something I am excited about or something I am dreading. It was only recently that I realized how often I was thinking this way, and even how often the people around me were thinking this way.

I woke up for work on Sunday last week, immediately dreading waking up at 4:30 am the following day. I was actually disturbed with my train of thoughts, I still had a whole day in front of me as well as a whole evening, and I was dreading the following day?

In our society, I feel we really have issues with living in the moment.

Take holiday decorations for example, the moment Christmas ends, we have Valentine’s day decorations coming up. It’s like were forced, in every single aspect, to think two steps ahead at all times.

It’s a conscious effort to try and stay in the moment, but I think it’s worth it. What are you doing right now?

Take the time to look around and identify 2-3 things that make you happy that you’re alive in THIS moment, wherever you are.

For me I am currently loving the sun and the heat, the company with which I am sitting with (yes, sitting with family and blogging haha) and the delicious supper cooking away on the grill.


I was no longer blogging at this point, have no fear!

The thing is, if we are always looking forward to weekends, then we will ALWAYS be looking forward to something. The weekend might suddenly feel less fun when you’re in it, so you look forward to something else. And something else, andddd something else, and well, you see where this is going.

What about you? Are you like that too? Some people love looking forward to things, and that is so okay. It is part of human nature to look forward and plan ahead, and that’s something we will never really stop doing. Am I looking forward to my Europe trip in August?? Yes, of course!


Barcelona will be the last destination on our trip!

But, I also have a lot of things between now and then that are worth thinking about too. Like enjoying the sun, hanging out with friends, drinking on terraces, going on camping trips, having late nights and fires or going on beach trips.

If I spend my time just looking forward to it, it will be over before I even notice it.

Never forget that you are alive right now, you’re not going through the motions in order to get to the weekend or to your next getaway. You are living, so live!!

Wise words for a Tuesday, but I think it is something to keep in mind.

Do you ever get caught up and realize you aren’t living in the moment?

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