A Look Back at August and the Things I Loved

A Look Back at August and the Things I Lovedfeatured

It’s September!! I am welcoming this month with mixed feelings. The beginning of fall, which is usually associated with September, is always so exciting but also very depressing since it means a cold winter is awaiting us here in Quebec. At the same time though, fall is filled with crushed leaves, thick sweaters, pumpkin scented teas and warm desserts and meals, so how can one resist but to love September?

Before jumping into the month of September, I thought I should highlight the month of August for what might be the last time this year. August was hot and filled with fun getaways and vacations for me, I will miss it. Here are some of the things I absolutely loved this August!


The Flavor Bible This was seriously the best purchase I made this month. The flavor bible is a must have for anyone that likes to cook or bake! It lists every single food in alphabetical order and suggests good flavor pairings for each food listed. The book was written based on the opinions of world famous chefs, so it’s a great tool for modifying recipes or just making up your own! I use this book all the time, it is definitely a staple for me.the flavor bible
The Throne of Glass Series Seriously, I’m not joking, this is one of the best series I’ve read in a while! It’s about an assasin, called Celaena Sardothien, that has been enslaved and is chosen by a prince to serve in the king’s competition to become his assassin. That sums up the very basic core of the book, but it gets so intense. I have listened to all three books at work on an audiobook, which made work a little bit more exciting. The fourth in the series came out september 1st, I can not wait to read it!


Corn on the Cob In Quebec, August is the peak month for corn harvest. Can I just say that I absolutely love corn on the cob? I could become a professional corn critic, that is how serious I take it. I can tell just by looking at it if it will be sweet, pasty or crunchy. I have a problem, but seriously, I had corn on the cob at least once a week this month, and every time I eat it it’s always so good, so I thought it had to have a place in my food favorites.Corn on the Cob

Wild Blueberries Nothing tastes quite like wild blueberries, they don’t even come close to comparing to the store-bought variety. I’m actually not a huge fan of blueberries, but recently I went to my cottage and picked some wild blueberries, and I just cannot get enough. Thank God I have a HUGE tupperware of them! My addiction for them will be satisfied, at least until next summer.


Random Favorites

Frisbees In July, My boyfriend and I decided to buy a frisbee, and we haven’t stopped playing since. Frisbee is so fun and addicting, and I used to be in an ultimate frisbee gym class in college, so I consider myself quite the pro ;).

Red Wine I am officially a grown up!! I don’t know how it happened, but all of the sudden my palate accepted and enjoyed the taste of red wine. This was a long time coming, I started drinking rosée a while ago, then once I found it to be too sweet, I moved on to white wine and then slowly transitioned to red. It wasn’t easy, but now I love it.

Ricardo Cookbooks/Magazines Ricardo is a famous chef in Quebec, and I seriously love everything he does. We are subscribed to his magazine, which honestly is the best food magazine ever. We have all of his cookbooks and even make recipes from his website; his recipes never fail and are always absolutely delicious, I don’t know how he does it.ricardo magazines and cookbooks

Being Outdoors With Summer coming to an end, I’ve been spending a lot of time at my cottage and camping and just enjoying being outside while the warm weather lasts. It feels good to just step outside and take a breath of fresh air, something that can be quite painful to do during the winter.


Trails in the woods at camping


My cottage offers the nicest views; this is a waterfall we like to visit once in a while when we are there, it’s really huge which is quite surprising considering it’s in the middle of the forest.


Another one of the many amazing views from the area near my cottage.

What were some of your August favorites?

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