Awesome Food Facts: Parsley’s Underrated Use, Tomatoes For Radiant Skin and More!

Awesome Food Facts: Parsley’s Underrated Use, Tomatoes For Radiant Skin and More!featured

Happy Monday! 

Today, I thought it would be really fun to do a laid back post on surprising things you might not know about some of your favorite foods! 

All this information was taken by one of my favorite cookbooks, the Looneyspoons Collection cookbook, which is filled with some of the best recipes I have ever made as well as a ton of evidence-based nutritional advice.

I was learning quite a lot as I was reading through the book, so I thought I would share some of the most fun and interesting facts I read! Let’s get to it! 

Parsley is the new mouthwash

Apparently, chewing on fresh parsley is a natural way to freshen your breath! The chlorophyll content is odor-absorbing and can get rid of less than pleasant smelling breath.Herbs

As you can imagine, I most definitely tried it myself, the results? Chewing parsley isn’t that fun and you have a parsley taste in your mouth for a while. I felt like the less than great taste in my mouth that happens from sitting at a computer and not talking that much went away a tad… But then again, I am not that sure.

I mean, I feel like I have parsley breath now… I think it works though, in a weird parsley way.

Brittle bones aren’t always caused by low calcium intake

North America is one of the largest consumers of dairy products, so naturally, we would think our bones are tough! Instead, we have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis, which indicates quite the opposite.

We consume loads of dairy, which is great for bones, but we also consume a tooooon of foods that have the opposite effect of making our bones stronger. The main culprits? Caffeine, sugary drinks, alcohol and even excess protein consumption! Kefir

As I’ve mentioned before (in a blog post that I can not find for the life of me), I can never stress enough that protein should not always be the main focus in nutrition. Sure, it’s great, it’s got awesome benefits like maintaining your muscle mass, but more often then not, we are surpassing our protein needs! 

In fact, your intake of calcium and protein must be balanced in order for your bones to reap the benefits! Too much protein can lead to calcium being leached from the bones, which is no bueno (Source).

Zucchini is a natural bone builder

Continuing on this idea that calcium isn’t the only mineral involved in bone health, we also have magnesium and phosphorus that are essential to proper bone strength and flexibility.

Cue the awkward picture of my over enthusiastic self with some zucchinis…Zucchinis

Zucchini, which many may believe is not exactly a nutritional powerhouse (aka me), actually delivers quite a bit of magnesium and phosphorus when considering it is composed of 95% water! One cup will deliver 5% of your daily needs for these two nutrients.

It also contains a bunch of other nutrients that I had no idea it even contained… Zucchini for the win! 

Tomatoes are cancer fighting and skin clearing miracles 

The lycopene content in tomatoes can certainly not be denied, and lycopene is a pretty awesome phytochemical that has actually been shown to decrease the chances of prostate cancer in men by 20%!Tomatoes
On top of that, it’s actually great for the skin. Lycopene is also an antioxidant, so when the sun’s damaging rays causes free radicals to be produced in your body, lycopene will naturally get rid of these. It works internally and externally, which is way better then any expensive cream I have ever heard of!! (Source)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any other awesome tidbits of information we might not know about, leave it in the comments below and join the discussion! 

I will see you all later this week, have a good one guys! 🙂

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