Camping Getaway: Magog & Mont-Orford

Camping Getaway: Magog & Mont-Orfordfeatured

On my 21st birthday last march, my sister offered me two choices for my birthday gift; either I take 100$ right then and there or we go camping for a weekend during the summer (food, alcohol and everything else paid!). I, of course, chose the camping in a heartbeat. Ever since we were kids, my family would go camping every single weekend; we would leave after school on Fridays and come back on Sundays. Camping always brings back the fondest memories for me and I knew this weekend would be a great way to getaway for a little bit.

I didn’t get to take many pictures of the food we ate at camping since it was usually too late and dark to take any photos. However, my boyfriend and I drove down early towards the camping site friday afternoon to spend time there while we waited for my sister and her boyfriend to arrive. It is during these couple hours that my boyfriend and I visited Magog, a small town near the campsite.

Day 1:  Magog’s Charming Views and Delicious Food

My boyfriend and I had every intention of getting to the campsite early and going for a hike on a nearby mountain. We have done it before, it lasts about 3 hours and features an awesome view. We even packed a lunch and water bottles for the climb. I guess I should mention that the lunch we packed was really last minute and well… It really sucked. It featured peanut butter and honey sandwiches with a few granola bars that I’m not a huge fan of.

Once we arrived near the camping site, we saw signs for Magog. I told my boyfriend how I used to love going to this little town and we eventually decided to go for a visit. As you can imagine at this point, we left the idea of hiking and peanut butter sandwiches well behind.

We walked around for abit and took some photos of the really nice view. Downtown Magog is basically a charming strip of shops and restaurants neigboring a picturesque view of a lake and a mountain.


We passed by a restaurant called La Memphré and decided to grab lunch (bye bye peanut butter sandwiches). The restaurant was so cute and had a really nice terrace and menu, plus it was a microbrewerie so we had to try out their beer, of course.

We ended up both ordering salads, and they were delicious! I had a mesclun salad with grilled tofu that tasted absolutely amazing. My boyfriend got a classic ceasar salad.



Bonzai Salad - Grilled Sesame and Honey Tofu with Mesclun, Rice Noodles and Cashews

Bonzaï Salad – Grilled Sesame and Honey Tofu with Mesclun, Rice Noodles and Cashews

We finished off our visit with a huge ice cream that we kind of regretted but also kind of didn’t.

Vanilla Ice Cream Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Ice Cream Dipped in Dark Chocolate

We left, full and content, and made our way to the camping site to meet my sister and her boyfriend. That night, we relaxed by the fire and ate a late supper of pasta and salad.

Day 2: Beach Day!

The day started off with pancakes, so you can very well imagine that our second day at camping began and ended great.


Saturday was a really hot and sunny day, a perfect day for the beach. We took a winding path to make our way to the small beach and spent the day there. Since we’ve been experiencing a slight heat wave, the lake was not too cold and we could comfortably swim. We played frisbee, racketball and went paddle boating.

Here is a picture of the view, which was once again beautiful. I would not have wanted to spend my saturday any other way.


That night, we cooked sausages and peppers and ate them in a bread bun for supper. We could have stopped there, but my boyfriend and I are very gifted at over indulging, and we decided to make the most decadent camping dessert ever. Before I get into this, I just want to say that I have a very bad Nutella obsession. I have banned  Nutella from my house years ago, but I lost all control at camping.

We decided to generously slather two slices of bread with nutella and cover these with cut up marshmallows. We then closed the two breads together and cooked it in a pan, the same way you would cook a grilled cheese. The result? A grilled smore! This was seriously so good I shed a few tears while eating it.


Another night spent by the campfire concluded this camping weekend. The next day we returned home and went back to our daily lives! I must say though, I was really grateful for those 3 days off.campfire and marshamallows

What is your favorite way to getaway?




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