Catching up: School, Birthdays, Sugar Shacks and Travelling!

Catching up: School, Birthdays, Sugar Shacks and Travelling!featured


It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these weeks you still want to read my blog?

Okay so the last part didn’t really work with the song but HI!!!!

I thought I would pop in today and update you all on my little life and what has been going on lately. This post is a little more random, but on Monday I have a post coming up that I have been dragging on for way too long; my tofu post! I mentioned it well over a month ago and was not intending for it to take this long for me to post it. Better late than never, right?

I’m sorry to all my blogging friends who I just kind of left in the dust these past two weeks, I can’t wait to read all your recent blog posts and get back into the grind of virtually catching up with you guys!

Without sounding like a whiny little girl, I’d have to say that these past two weeks took a little toll on me. I slept way less then I usually did, ate way less then I should have and stressed out a little too much. Let us recap what has been going down:

3 exams in less then one week: Clinical nutrition, nutrition through life and a food safety certification.

+ An assignment due for stage.

+ A huge meal event that included a business proposal that was due on the day of the event; it ended up being well over 100 pages.

= Recipe for disaster. I went to bed past 2 am every night for 2 weeks and I cannot be HAPPIER that these past weeks are done.

Going a little more into detail about this meal event, this event was organized for one of my classes called Quantity Food Production. It is a year long class where they give you a theme and you need to create a meal event with your group, choosing the recipes, testing them and standardizing them, purchasing ingredients, hiring employees (students from the class), promoting and selling tickets for our event and finally, being  a manager for the event.


Our event ticket! Each ticket cost 12$. We had to sell 45 of these and succeeded!

Our theme was the Ivory Coast, and I think we pulled it off quite well! What a stressful day this was, but man was it gratifying.

Here was our menu:


Chicken Kedjenou, a slow cooked leg of chicken in a tomato sauce, attieke (cassava couscous) with a tomato onion sauce and sweet potatoes! This picture is from one of our first attempts so the chicken looked less good then how it looked at our meal.

Ginger beer

Ginger beer! This was a hit at our event, a gingery infused water with lemon and honey. It tasted like a gingery lemonade, so good!

Tropical salad

Our tropical salad with mangoes and avocadoes (fun fact: the day before the event we received our mangoes and avocadoes solid as a rock, I had to go to the store that night and buy an abnormally large quantity of ripe avocadoes and mangoes).

Our fried bananas with honey were also a huge hit!

Our fried bananas with honey were also a huge hit!

Overall the feedback was great! (Except for these people who barely ate anything and left before the dessert and gave us terrible ratings, not cool).

My birthday came around on March 12th and I don’t know about you… But I’m feeling 22!! (Taylor Swift reference if you didn’t catch on haha).

My birthday was a study-filled day but I was rewarded with a great supper! My mom made Bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls with chicken skewers and a crazy delicious chocolate cake that I never got around to photographing :(.

I also went to the sugar shack with my friends, and for those who don’t know about this wonderful, beautiful, amazing QuΓ©becois tradition known as the sugar shack, then, my friends, I am truly sorry.

The sugar shack (in french – la cabane Γ  sucre) is only open for about two months every year (from march-april) while the sap is flowing from the maple trees. They make their maple syrup right on site and serve up a traditional meal of pea soup, eggs, ham, sausage in maple syrup, potatoes, coleslaw and some Oreille de Crisse, which is literally just fried pork rinds, it looks like this:

oreille de crisse


Oh, and let’s not forget that the maple syrup is ABUNDANT, I just pour it all over my plate, dump it in my coffee and even tried eating it with my bread and soup… I have problems. After the meal, they offer unlimited maple taffy on a stick.

I’m going back tomorrow for my mom’s birthday and I hope to snap some pictures and share this  healthy experience with you! 

I also made this gift for my mom, it included a bunch of coupons for cleaning, week night meals and movie nights that she can “redeem”, she really loved it!Birthday gift

Have I been babbling enough for you guys?? Because.. I ain’t done.

I also got a few trips for this summer booked!!! I’ll be going to Vegas from April 29th-May 4th, WOOHOO!

On top of that, I booked another major trip that my best friend and I have been saving up for since we are 17. We will be spending most of August in the south of France, Switzerland and 3 destinations in Italy!

Here is one of our destinations: Lucerne in Switzerland!

Here is one of our destinations: Lucerne in Switzerland!

Words cannot describe how happy I am about these upcoming trips. These trips actually cost me my job, they were not willing to give me the time off, which I understand, so I will have to start job hunting soon, sigh (but it is a small price to pay). I am still working for my current job until at least the end of April, no worries!

So, I think we are all caught up!! What has been going on with you in the last two weeks?? I want to know!

And wait!! Before I leave, I wanted to share this awesome poetry book my sister got her for her birthday, it’s called Chasers of the Light and I loved all the poems from this book.


Here was one of my favorite poems I saw:


Have a great long weekend everyone :).

P.S. if you noticed that I haven’t been posting on my mindfuleatsandtreats Instagram account, it is because it is not allowing me to post pictures!!! I’ve tried making it work but I might be deleting it soon and going back to my main Instagram; my username is stepphl!

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