What I Ate Wednesday: How To Up Your Veggie Game

What I Ate Wednesday: How To Up Your Veggie Gamefeatured

Hey, long time no WIAW!

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I feel like a lot of people are victim of the “I eat enough fruit and not a lot of veggies” dilemma. Unless you’re the opposite… which honestly, good for you! Fact is, a whole lot of us are not reaching those vegetable intake requirements, and I get it. It is so tough! Veggies aren’t so attractive when they are raw, I’ll tell you that.

Fun Fact for my Quebec readers: We are the province that eats the most fruits and veggies by a landslide!! (source)

For adults, we are supposed to be consuming 7-10 fruits and vegetable servings/day, meaning about 3-5 or more of those servings should be coming from veggies! 

So how can someone get all these veggies in without having to munch on raw celery (gag)?? Let us take a look by diving into yesterday’s eats! 


Breakfast was at an awesome restaurant named Peche Matinal, it consisted of crusty bread topped with apples, cinnamon, brie and caramelized pecans with a side of taters and arugula.

Vegetables at breakfast are a real thing. Although my breakfast had an arugula salad, which may not appeal to everyone (but it was darn tasty with this combo), it is definitely an easy veggie option. Also, let us not forget that breakfast potatoes are also a veggie!

Another great option is sauteeing spinach! Spinach becomes so delicious when it is cooked on the stovetop, and it takes only a couple minutes and can go great with eggs and toast or even on top of an avocado toast! 

Spinach can also be added into an egg for an extra veggie boost! (I did not eat this yesterday by the way!)

Another great way to eat your vegetables is by adding greens into your morning smoothie

Recipes for you to check out:

Veggie-Loaded Breakfast Casserole by Little Spice Jar

Classic Green Monster by Oh She Glows 

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza Crust by My Little Tablespoon 


Vegetable Soup with every veggie you can possibly think of

Lunch is a little of an easier way to integrate veggies, vegetable soup is a great example. It is delicious and made completely of veggies so you are sure to get a good serving out of a hearty bowl of soup.

If you don’t like raw vegetables on their own, make sure to pack your favorite dip. I’m especially a fan of hummus, but you can use any dip you love!  

My mom has a great habit of cutting up a bunch of vegetables for the whole week. This may be annoying to prepare, but you will have them ready for the whole week and can just grab them and go! Cherry tomatoes are also awesome for a quick snack.

More ideas:

On The Go Rainbow Salad in a Jar 

Vegetable Soup by Cooking Classy 


None of my snacks were veggies, but of course, it’s a great time to eat vegetables if you haven’t at lunch! Or eat even more if you’re really feeling it.

Double Chocolate Banana Oat Bars (I’m OBSESSED!!!) by Ambitious Kitchen and pineapple.

Doing homework with my mom in her at-home office while munching on snap peas chips.

Nope, these sadly don’t count as vegetables.


Veggie and Feta Frittata, Chickpea and Basil Salad and Broccoli

This frittata packed in a bunch of vegetables and was accompanied by tomatoes found in the chickpea salad and some broccoli on the side for even more veggie action. This supper easily provided at least 1-2 vegetable servings!

Sweet Potato, Cranberry and Chia Loaf by Trois Fois par Jour

Ladies and gentlemen, la piece de resistance! 

Yes! Veggies hidden in your desserts, it’s a real thing!!!!! This is one of the best loafs I have ever tasted. The sweet potato and cranberry combo is an unexpected and lovely surprise for the taste buds.

This recipe is from a cookbook but if anyone is interested, I would be more then glad to share it! 

Other veggie packed ideas: 

Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl by Delish Knowledge

Butternut Squash Carbonara by Cooking Classy 

Sweet potato Nachos by Bucket List Tummy 

Happy Hump Day everyone πŸ™‚

How do you get your veggie servings in?

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