Pop Rocks Drink, Banana Bars and a Whole Lot of Food! (Weekly Highlights #5)

Pop Rocks Drink, Banana Bars and a Whole Lot of Food! (Weekly Highlights #5)featured

Hey Everyone!

I’m sad to announce that this post might not start off as happy as it usually does, it feels wrong after the events of this weekend. Before getting into the things that made me happy this week, I think it’s important to take a moment and remember that some people might not have such happy memories to look back on, not only this weekend in Paris, but all over the world, and everyone who is a victim of this terrible terrorism. My heart goes out to all of them, and to the family and survivors of those who were going out Friday night to watch a soccer game, to see a concert, to have fun and to celebrate life. I’m truly saddened, appaled and disturbed by the world we live in. Jumping into this post feels a little weird, but I might as well go ahead.

You might notice that my favorites this week consist mainly of food, I didn’t really plan it but once the post was put together I kind of realized it was food overboard, but hey, everyone loves food right?!

20 things only Nutrition students would understand

This post was so accurate! For all the nutrition students out there, this link is for you: 20 things only Nutrition students would understand.  I think #1 is the most accurate, it’s impossible going around telling people you are in Dietetics, there is just way too much confusion, I usually just end up saying I am in nutrition.

Breakfast Banana Bars

Although I’ve been eating these bars mostly as snacks, this recipe is so good! I halved the amount of oil in the original recipe for apple sauce, which might have given them slightly of a “wet” texture, but they are seriously amazing and healthy! I froze them shortly after making them and all I do is just take one out of the freezer and bring it to school for an awesome and exciting snack. I also added an icing by mixing icing sugar, rice milk and peanut butter for an added nutty taste. By the way, most of what I bake is from Pinterest, if you’re interested in seeing what I pin you can follow me on Pinterest!


This Friday I went to a potluck, which me and my friends organize every couple of months. It is seriously the only big thing we ever really organize and I love it. Nothing makes me happier then a bunch of good food and good company for an evening. For our next potluck we have already decided that it will be an ugly christmas sweater theme with christmas themed food, I’m already quite excited!

Acorn Squash SeedsAcorn Squash Seeds

Acorn SquashAlthough the squash itself didn’t exactly make me want to buy an acorn squash again (but look how pretty it is!), the seeds turned out to be so good! I kept them on the side and cleaned them, then simply added olive oil and salt and baked them in the oven. They came out crunchy and so delicious, I polished them off quite quickly. The squash on the other hand wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it might have been because of the way I prepared it.

Tortilla Chips Seasoned with Chipotle Homemade Tortilla Chips I’ve spoken about these tasty homemade tortillas that I bake to make chips in this post, but I’ve played around with the spices and have found a winning combo. Olive oil, salt, garlic powder, paprika and a hint of chipotle turned these tortillas into delicious, crunchy and slightly spicy chips. When paired with hummus, it was heaven in my mouth.

These Double Chocolate, Pistachio, Almond (I made up the name) BiscottisAmazing BiscottisA friend of my mom’s came over the other day and brought a bunch of these yummy looking biscottis. Now I know biscottis are not always the most exciting food, when I think of a biscotti I think of something that is dry and crunchy. These guys right here fit none of that criteria, they are chewy and tender and taste SO good, I actually ended up eating 3 one day (one of them was for my boyfriend but I just couldn’t stop myself, it was gone before I could muster up some control). 

Tofu and Broccoli in Peanut Butter Sauce

I got this recipe from the Vegetarian Collection, which is a cookbook, but I also found it online. I’ve had this meal twice this week and it’s so tasty, the peanut butter sauce is something else entirely! The second time I made it I completely messed up the rice and it ended up being a goopy watery mess, so the meal was not as satisfying, but the recipe itself was still as good as the first time!

Pop Rocks Drink from Deville
I might of had the coolest drink in the world on Sunday night, a pop rocks drink! It tasted like candy and came with a shooter filled with Pop rocks to which I added into the drink. Every sip made my mouth crackle, which was so fun! We also had amazing food, everything at this restaurant is crazy indulgent!

Pulled Beef Ribs, aged cheddar and caramelized onions burger for James

Pulled Beef Ribs, aged cheddar and caramelized onion burger for James

Southern Fried Chicken Salad for me, it had waffle croutons people!! My heart is still pumping hard from this intense salad haha.

Southern Fried Chicken Salad for me, it had waffle croutons people!! My heart is still pumping hard from this intense salad haha.

What were some of the things you loved this week?

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