Cold Weather, Icy Rivers and Monstrous Fish: Our Ice Fishing Weekend!

Cold Weather, Icy Rivers and Monstrous Fish: Our Ice Fishing Weekend!featured

Hello Friends! Happy first day of February (how is it already February?!)

I am writing to you today feeling quite exhausted, but it’s the kind of exhaustion that comes from a whole weekend of waking up at 5 am to go fishing and going to bed late playing games and having a good time with family. It was one of the best weekends I have had in a while, which feels weird because I have a pretty tough exam coming up this Thursday, but no worries, I had plenty of time to study this weekend too, in case you were concerned ;).

So, in this post, I will take you through our weekend of ice fishing! I thought it would be fun to share this experience, since I feel it isn’t an activity many are familiar with! Ice Fishing

We arrived to the little town by the side of the water late Friday evening and went right into our cute little cottage, which I was sharing with my boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and my cousin. A very large portion of my family attended this fishing trip, we were 25 people in total!Ice Fishing

We all reunited for a supper of fish and chips in one of the cottages, it was cramped and loud, but I would not of wanted it any other way! The fried fish they made was seriously amazing. We were told by our uncles and my dad that they would be up at 5am the next day, ready to go fishing, and were convinced we wouldn’t be joining them so early.

The next day, we actually did get up at 5 am. My cousin shot out of bed and started frying up some eggs and cooking bacon. I started cutting up oranges and preparing toasts for all 5 of us in our cottage. I have to say, our cottage, although we all are the youngest in the family, turned out to be the most organized, we were super prepared in terms of breakfast and actually woke up earlier then the rest of the family (they all doubted us, but they were oh so very wrong!).

Ice Fishing

I thoroughly enjoy this picture because everyone looks like they are in pain, which is highly amusing (ignore my cousin’s rude gestures, if you happened to have noticed that, and if you did not notice, you now will!).

Ice fishing looked like this (pictures below)! They made holes in the ice and we set up the fishing rods into the holes. When there was a fish, the fishing rod would start bobbing up and down, and that almost always created a sense of excitement within the group. Someone would run towards the rod and yank on the line to try and get the fish.

We also had two little heated cabins on the ice for when we needed a little warmth (my toes were so frozen, I ended up having to wear those self heated pads in my boots to relieve the pain).Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a little scary, there was only about a foot of ice, with over 7 cars and 2 cabins. I heard the ice crack way more often then I wanted to, and had a few moments where I was convinced  I was going down into the lake (dramatic, I know). Of course, we would not have been on the ice if there had been any real danger.Ice Fishing

Lunch was prepared by the very same cook that prepared our Christmas supper, this lunch was one of my highlights of the trip (you can imagine that food is often a highlight of mine). It was seriously amazing, we had egg sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, different salads and veggies! Lunch


She also made the CUTEST cookies ever. I will be honest when I say that I may have had about 10 of these in one day, they were addictive to the next degree.Fish Cookies

Our day of fishing, in all honesty, was quite uneventful. We caught two fish over a period of 12 hours, which is really not that great haha. BUT, this is where my glory story comes in.

While chewing on a cookie (not much surprise here), I saw one of the fishing rods start bobbing up and down. No one was paying attention, so I went off running (real dedication) towards the fishing line. When I pulled on the line, I knew the fish was gonna be huge, because the line was uncomfortably slicing into my fingers. What happened next was this bad boy:Caught Fish

Oh yeah. 

Other then that, our day was spent trying to find things to do, we actually found this type of branch-parasite thing that grows from the ground and latches itself onto trees. One of them was latched on so tight to the very top of a tree that we were capable of ripping the branch out of the ground and using the weirdly strong and flexible branch-rope as a Tarzan rope! It was super fun. We then succeeded in pulling the weird branch off of the tree it was latched onto and using it to try and tie me on a tree, which actually worked. Also, I have to add that I believe I have a very weak upper body, because my whole upper body is quite sore from this Tarzan swinging event.

Ice fishing

We had a little too much doing this.

The next day we ended up going fishing in another area on the river, since we had zero luck the day before. We had another early morning, where I got up at 5:30 am to start flipping homemade pancakes! This fishing was a little more eventful, we managed to catch more fish.

Ice Fishing

Day 2- No heated cabins, they were actually taking them off the ice because it was announcing rain, YET another cause to be concerned?!

At one point there was about 8 cars on the ice, and a cargo boat passing very close by. My mom and I were the only ones panicking about this.

Cargo ship

Yes, that is a cargo boat, and yes, it is very close.

The second day ended around lunch time, since we needed to leave our cottages and go back home! 

It was all in all a great weekend, many funny moments happened and I spent half of my time with frozen toes and fingers, but I would not have wanted to spend my weekend any other way. I will be looking forward to our next fishing trip! 

Have you ever been ice fishing, or perhaps just fishing? Do you like it?

P.S. If you have Snapchat, it would be awesome if we became Snapchat buddies! Go ahead and add me, my username is stepphl!

Have a great week everyone!

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