Internship Update: What I’ve Been up to!

Internship Update: What I’ve Been up to!featured

Hey guys!

I had mentioned I would be giving you more info about my internship and I’m here to do just that today! Perhaps this might interest you, whether you are pursuing the dietetics career path or are just simply going into your own internship. Or perhaps you are just curious!

All in all, it’s been really good so far! My internship is a total of 7 weeks, with 3.5 weeks in food service and the remainder in clinical nutrition.

Stage book

Right now, I’m doing my food service rotation at a cafeteria in a Bombardier work plant (a company that develops and works on airplanes). It’s quite cool, it’s situated right by the airport so I get to see some pretty cool airplane landings and departures during lunch.

It hasn’t been too stressful, my biggest project at the moment is implementing a meal that the cook will make as a menu item for a day. I needed to pick a recipe, standardize it and do the costing for it. It will be tested out next week! My meal makes 84 portions, so hopefully it turns out good.

It’s a very interesting clientele, it consists of a lot of men who like the conventional meal of meat, potatoes and rice. Choosing a menu item that is a little healthier can be a little challenging, but I settled on some veggie, chicken and bean enchiladas! It’s cheap, usually well accepted, and includes some great fiber content from the beans (heck yeah). Plus, it’s served with salsa and melted cheese, what guy could resist that?!


Source: Ricardo

That’s what I have mainly been doing so far, with other little tasks here and there.

What surprises me the most is how much time the manager gives me to do what I want. I was under the impression that she would constantly be quizzing me, or giving me things to do, and really, its quite the opposite.

I have been needing to figure out what to do on my own (there are a multitude of activities I need to either submit or discuss with a coordinator, so I definitely have things to do.) It weirds me out though. A lot of the time I am wondering if what I am doing is okay, or if more is expected from me. I guess as the rotation continues, I will get a better feel of what is expected from me.

Standard recipe

An example of a standardized recipe that I am working on

To my fellow dietitian friends, I’d love to hear about your internship experience! Or actually, to anyone who has ever done an internship, let me know how it went for you. I get so worried that I am not doing enough or doing something wrong, but I am only on my third day!

My clinical nutrition rotation starts June 1st at an extended care center. I will be working with patients who have severe psycho social or functional difficulties, so it will be really interesting. I’ll update you on that one, if you want, when the time comes!

Short and sweet little post today, just wanted to make sure I followed through with updating you all!

Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚


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