Owning up, Mind Dumping and Christmas Musings

Owning up, Mind Dumping and Christmas Musingsfeatured

Um, HI!

Don’t I just have a knack for disappearing on you all for no apparent reason!? I apologize for that, but I think I have apologized enough and it is time to own up to the fact that I can not blog consistently.

Seriously, I suck at planning ahead. My blog posts are often spur of the moment ideas or written last minute about a topic I have been pondering over for some time.

Either way, none of you have left, so I guess that means you don’t hate me too too much?! I still love blogging, but it often takes the side to a lot of other things going on in my life.

Such as, FINALS! Which finished… Monday!! Guys, I’m done the “theoretical” part of Dietetics, and after just a short intensive 3 week “semester”, I’ll be doing my stage (internship) for the next year (minus summer)!!

Clinical Nutrition is DONE and I can NOT be happier. Those classes were a lot and the exams were just so demanding, I am glad it is over.

So, let’s catch up! Excuse me while I extract all these thoughts from my head and have a huge mind dump:

1. I have a new phone!!

Brand new LG G5 is in my possession, after having a cracked phone for over a year! I only have one minor concern, the front camera is capable of smoothing out your features… like so (please excuse me while I make a weird trying to be pretty face):


Reality is…… 20161219_143724.jpg

Isn’t that just a tad over kill haha??? Thought it was hilarious. Also, I have a sparkle under my eye, how festive of me with my Xmas shirt!!

2. Where is my fitness motivation?

It ran away with finals that’s what. My exam finished at 12 today and I told myself I would work out after….

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa, I make myself laugh.

Maybe tomorrow?!?

3. Christmas smelling candles are the bomb

You guys know I include about one candle per post….. so here’s the latest one I got from a gift exchange!


Smells like pine and cologne, so good!!!

4. Christmas themed bar 

There is a Christmas themed bar open in Montreal right now, it has eggnog lattes and CHRISTMAPOLITANS!


I am supposed to go this week, so I really hope I do, it looks so fun!

5. Apparently my stats are booming?

I don’t usually pay too much attention to my blogging stats since when I do not post for two weeks, there isn’t much going on. But I came back with a notification that my stats were booming and I had a bunch of views?! Say what??? What a lovely Christmas present :).

6. Recipes I want to make

After seeing this on Kat’s blog and seeing Cora make it, I want to make this bad boy so bad!!

My mom also recently reminded me of a favorite that came straight from Kate’s blog, I used to make it so much last year but I forgot about it for some reason. I plan on making this again reallllll soon. 

Pear and Chia Baked Oatmeal by The Domestikated Life – I love making this with canned peaches!

7. What I posted a year ago… 

Also had “Christmas Musings” as a title… Interesting how my mind works. I also mention a restaurant in it that I am actually going to tonight…. Am I that predictable?!?! The only difference is that we didn’t have snow at Christmas last year, but this year we have tons! 

If you’re curious about my repetitive life, check the out the blog post here! I also decided to put the same cover photo that was on the old blog post on this one.. because hey, might as well go all out with the repetition!

Have a great day everyone :).

What’s your top recipe you want to bake over the holidays?

Does your camera make you look like a weird plastic doll too??


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