My #1 Tip for a Guilt-Free Christmas

My #1 Tip for a Guilt-Free Christmasfeatured

Merry Christmas Eve!!!! 

Today is the day where we start getting together with family, catch up, exchange gifts and of course, sit around the table and EAT.

I always associate Christmas with food, I mean, it’s one of those rare moments in the year where ALL the food is available at your disposal and about 5 dessert varieties are being offered. It’s a foodie lovers dream.

That’s why, today, I want to address dieting and food guilt during the holidays. I see so many posts going on about how to stop yourself from overeating at Christmas. Examples include…. 

  • “Limit your carbohydrates on Christmas evening and instead go for non-starchy vegetables and lean protein, think a large salad and some seafood/lean ham or cold meats” (source)
  • Eat the veggies and the low-fat cheese on the party platter (source)
  • Have dessert for two (who in the world would SHARE their dessert??) (source)


The list goes on and on and honestly, I get it. I get that people don’t like overeating, I get that people might feel guilty after eating 100 servings of grandma’s sugar pie. I GET IT.

But, I also know that Christmas is once a year, and when Christmas comes around, and there is 4 cookie varieties, sugar pie AND fudge… I’m gonna have it all. Maybe I’ll have smaller portions to avoid my stomach from bursting (which is actually a REAL THING people) but I would have it nonetheless.

And the next day, when there is leftovers, I’m gonna eat it again. 

Because for me, at Christmas, it’s not about avoiding overeating, counting calories and feeling guilty about what I ate and drank. It’s about eating foods I only get to eat once a year, sharing those moments with family and appreciating the fact that I even get to have these amazing feasts.

For this holiday season, I have one piece of advice for you: take the second cookie, have a second cocktail and reach for that third piece of fudge if you want it.

It’s Christmas, and it’s only once a year, so place all those food guilt thoughts aside and focus on the holiday cheer! (I just unintentionally rhymed!!!!!)

Happy Holidays everyone and have a great, guilt free, Christmas!

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