Myth Busting: High Protein and Workouts, Granny Smith Apples and Coffee Misconceptions

Myth Busting: High Protein and Workouts, Granny Smith Apples and Coffee Misconceptionsfeatured

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope your week went great, I am here to offer you another version of my myth busting posts, you can go read up on more myths that have been debunked here. You can also learn about even more misconceptions at Jacksbalancingact, where she did not one, but two of these types of posts. That’s a whole lot of knowledge, my friends.

Coffee is dehydratingCoffee

Lots of people tend to think that coffee dehydrates, but this is actually not true! Actually, in a recent study, they found that caffeine didn’t cause excess flushing of urine and actually played similar roles to water, if consuming 3-6 cups of coffee a day (which is an insane amount!) Of course, saying that coffee is the same as water is not exactly true, I wouldn’t get all my hydration from it, but it’s good to know that it isn’t actually dehydrating! (source)

High protein intake is necessary for people who go to the gym

A typical North American diet provides way more protein then we actually need, and it’s been shown that athletes, who typically need more calories in their diet, naturally eat more protein in consequence. This means that it’s not exactly the end of the world if you don’t take a protein shake before or after a workout. Actually, if you are working out, it’s recommended you eat carbohydrates instead of protein, usually within 30 minutes of your workout, to replenish your stores. 

Also, a high carb diet is shown to provide a longer endurance during your workout, which can lead to better performance! (source)

Fresh vs frozen foods: frozen foods lose more nutrients


Frozen fruits

As a matter of fact, frozen foods are a great alternative to buying fresh fruits or vegetables that aren’t in season. The produce will typically get frozen at their peak ripeness, which causes all the nutrients to be locked in. In contrast, fresh fruits and vegetables can actually lose some nutrient value in the transportation process, which would actually make frozen foods even better, nutritionally speaking! (source)

P.s. In the case of the blueberries pictured above, they are in fact way better if they are wild blueberries, as they have a huge amount of antioxidants compared to conventional blueberries that have been frozen!

 All apples have the same nutritional quality

Okay, so I kind of, slightly, made this myth up so I could be able to tell you an awesome new finding about apples. Also, I actually never questioned which apples are the best in terms of nutrition, I thought they were all similar, but turns out, they are not! Granny Smith apples, which I don’t eat a whole lot of, have been shown to be the best apples to eat!

Why? Granny Smith apples potentially work better at increasing the amount of good bacteria we have in our gut, which is super beneficial for health. In obese mice, who were fed Granny Smith apples, scientists found that their gut bacteria started resembling more like the gut bacteria in slim mice. Although the study hasn’t been done on humans just yet (unless I’m wrong), this is still an awesome finding!

Hope you enjoyed this post! These are super fun for me to make. Have a great weekend everyone πŸ™‚

Are you a Granny Smith or coffee lover? 





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