Which Nutrition Trends Were the Most Popular in 2016?

Which Nutrition Trends Were the Most Popular in 2016?featured

Hey there! 

There’s no way I can start blogging in 2017 without mentioning something about 2016, right?

Instead of setting goals, because we all know I suck at those, I thought we could look back and compare some popular nutrition related terms from 2016. 

I was really interested in seeing how nutrition and diet related search terms increased or decreased in popularity over the year. I have strong opinions about diets and annoying food fads, so I couldn’t help but take a closer look at these.

I used google trends and typed in the 5 most popular nutrition related terms I hear everyone talking about. This is a list that was made by myself so it might not actually be the MOST popular nutrition related terms googled this past year. My original idea was to make a post about the top searched nutrition related terms, but I failed to find these. This post is what I thought was the next best thing.

Here is what my search gave me: 

When looking at the results, vegan comes as the first most searched term, followed by organic, gluten free, low carb diets and, in last place, Paleo (keep in mind that this search only compares these 5 terms to each other and do not represent the top 5 health related search terms.)

My Thoughts and #1 Tip for Each Search Term


I thought it was pretty cool that this search term was above everything else. I definitely believe that as a population, we need to focus more on plant based foods. I think everyone should adopt a vegan way of eating, without actually having to make the big step of becoming vegan.

Meat products contain saturated fat and absolutely no fiber, although they do contain great nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12 and an awesome amount of protein, plant based meals can help lower your cholesterol, decrease your fat intake and provide you with some extra fiber! 

My Tip: Once a week, eat a meatless meal. I know veganism is a diet which includes absolutely no animal products, but meatless is definitely the first step. 


I truly have mixed feelings about organic foods, anybody else feel that way too? It seems to me that we are too populated of a planet to effectively carry out feeding everyone in an organic way. I also hear a lot about the controversies of organic foods and come to doubt how organic a food really is.

Buuuut, don’t get me wrong, organic can be awesome. It definitely does have some environmental benefits and can, to a certain extent, contain more nutrients.

My Tip: Instead of always focusing on organic foods, choose local foods as much as possible. In my opinion, this is much better for the environment and the local economy! Also, if you are interested in organic foods but worry about the cost, take this table of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen as a guide of which foods are best to buy organic! The clean fifteen are foods which you don’t necessarily need to buy organic. 

Gluten Free

It’s still a wonder to me how gluten free foods became so darn popular. Why are people so afraid of a protein found in wheat!??! 

Unless you are intolerant to gluten or have Celiac’s disease (which has a prevalence of 1%), there really is no need to go gluten free. I get that people with IBS, gastrointestinal issues or skin problems might be interested in looking into gluten a little more and seeing if it’s elimination will improve their health
. What I don’t understand is why all of the sudden, gluten free is stamped on any food product, even foods that don’t even have gluten to start with.

A gluten free product that never had gluten to start off with!

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is awesome for the Celiac population, it makes it so much easier for them to shop, but still, I don’t think the rise in gluten free products was in response to the Celiac population, unfortunately.

My Tip: Unless you have problems with digesting gluten, don’t worry about eating gluten-free.

Low Carb Diets

I don’t even want to get started on this one. I think we all know I love carbs way too much to even address this issue without a biased opinion.

If you want more info on different types of sugars and which ones may be healthiest, check out this blog post from a year ago!

The bottom line here is that low carb diets don’t last, they can indeed help you lose weight, but you will not be able to follow it on the long term. Any diet that can’t become a part of a lifestyle and that cannot be permanent is not a healthy change to me! 

My Tip: Eat your carbs because carbs include foods like fruit and whole grain bread and who would want to give up these awesomely healthy and wholesome foods?

Paleo Diet

I can’t with this one, I really just can’t. This diet excludes dairy, wheat and processed foods. It also claims to resemble the diet of our ancestors, which by the way, no one really knows what this diet is. It probably includes insects and wild game meats, but I don’t see anyone claiming to be Paleo eating these!!

My Tip: If you want to follow the Paleo way, mimic their physical activity levels (which I can guarantee were quite active) and not what they ate!

That was my 2016 nutrition related round up! I hope you found it helpful and interesting, if you have different opinions on any of these, then feel free to comment and let me know what your opinion is!! 

What is your opinion of organic foods?? I truly want to know. 

Are there any other nutrition related terms you think should be mentioned??

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