Rambling on a Cold Winter Day: Spa retreats, Books and Awesome Food!

Rambling on a Cold Winter Day: Spa retreats, Books and Awesome Food!featured

Hey guys!

This week has been a good one, I’m slowly getting back into the school grind and, at a turtle pace, starting to get ready for finals. I thought this week I would highlight some of the things I’ve been up to, the foods I have been loving and share it all with you!

First things first… Winter happened.img_2148

Those first snows are always so enchanting and lovely, but it’s also cold and my face is starting to hurt when I go outside, so that’s also fun.

I also finally satisfied my need for a large muffin. Aren’t these the best???


The edges of the muffin sadly didn’t make it before the picture was taken

I’ve also been reading books like crazy recently, I just finished the Infernal Devices series, started reading a book called The Heir and am currently reading Empire of Storms, which is the fifth installment in one of my all time favorite series. This book gives me ALL the emotions.


Also, I discovered the most amazing Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor… This one is insane.


It has huge toffee pieces, reeses peanut butter cups, white chocolate pieces and chocolate covered almonds. Ice cream dream. Only a Canadian would still be eating ice cream as the weather goes below zero ;).

I also spent last Saturday at a spa, my friends and I just went for the day to enjoy the thermal experience, which consists of 5-15 mins in a hot sauna or bath, 5-15 seconds in a cold pool followed by a relaxation period.

It was really nice to spend the day with friends and the relaxation was aweeeesome. The spa was out in the woods and it just felt really nice. I am actually going back to the spa tomorrow with James and his mom! 

Also, I wanted to share a workout with you that I have been doing recently. I don’t follow the weekly plan but rather use the workouts whenever I am not at the gym. 

The workout is by Jen Selter and it is her 4 week challenge. The workouts are relatively short (roughly 30 mins) and are quite challenging. This girl is instagram famous for the size of her tush haha, so the workouts are geared more for the lower body, however I often get a good core workout of them too!

I also made this delicious vegan buddha bowl with roasted chickpeas and a very interesting red bell pepper sauce. The pictures don’t do the recipe justice, but it was very delicious!

James and I thought the sauce would of tasted better if the red bell pepper had been grilled, and then we realized… We had something close enough, liquid smoke!!! I mentioned how I finally bought liquid smoke on my blog about a year ago and actually never got around to using it. Adding the smoke into this sauce was an amazing idea.


A great photo taking sesh featuring the liquid smoke, James’ overexcited fake smile and a very awkward Steph.

Lastly, school is ALMOST done!! Only 2 weeks to go (and I really really really need to start studying someone help me) and my very last “theoretical” semester is done. 

In January I have a 3 week intensive course, then it’s an internship for the whole winter as well as fall semester next year! In one year from now, I’ll be able to call myself an RD! 

And on that note, I’m done rambling! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and a very happy weekend to all of you!

What was you favorite meal from this week? Favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor??

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