Taco Thursday, Recent Highlights & Quote of the Day Challenge!

Taco Thursday, Recent Highlights & Quote of the Day Challenge!featured

Hey there!

Today is a little bit of a mash-up post combining my recent highlights as well as a little challenge I was nominated to partake in, thanks to Lynne at Lynne’s Recipe Trails for letting me participate in this challenge! I love Lynn’s blog, she seems so genuinely nice and honest, and I love her recipes! I will come back to this challenge at the end of this post.

My clinical nutrition exam turned out to be not as bad as I thought, which was surprising and amazing to find out. I did realize I made a very, very, very, veeeeery dumb mistake on the exam, but it’s all good, we live and we learn (I seem calm and collect now but I was quite upset a couple hours ago).

With my new found and short-lived freedom, I am glad to talk to all of you guys without feeling guilty about having to do something else! Let’s get into my recent highlights.

Starting off with the most recent highlight; my supper on Thursday night! I knew after my exam I would want to enjoy the time to make a good meal. I decided to make Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw! We went all out and even got corn tortillas for these, oh man, OH MAN, these were ridiculously good. I love you Thug Kitchen.Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Taco night

Later on in the evening, James and I prepared a cinnamon roll mug cake, without the cream cheese frosting that was in the original recipe since we didn’t have any cream cheese (it was a sad moment). We shared the mug cake, it was so good and the texture was really on point. We compensated for the lack of cream cheese frosting with butterscotch chips instead. 

Sasha’s haircut is also looking a little funny. This isn’t exactly a recent highlight, but I had to mention her because she is looking a little like a rat (no offense Sasha!). She is usually so big and fluffy and now she is looking quite scrawny, it’s as if her haircut changes her whole personality, it’s quite funny!Sasha

On another food note, I tried the recipe that Kate mentioned in one of her What I ate Wednesday posts, which was a super easy pancake recipe and I loved it! I am not much of a peanut butter and jelly kinda gal, but this… This made my morning a little brighter. 

I was also eating yogurt the other day and noticed a little claim about probiotics on the container. I instantly thought of Jacklyn’s post about probiotics (which was super interesting so PLEASE check that out, there are so many awesome things to learn about probiotics!) and snapped a picture so I could share a little bit of a probiotic food with all of you!Yogurt


Lastly, James and I recently began a thought journal. We bought a pretty awesome looking notebook that is meant for either him or me to pencil in a thought we might get that we do not want to forget!Thought Journal

There are so many instances where we will talk about something for the future and we think it is the most brilliant idea, only to forget it in the following days. The thought journal will take care of our short-term memory loss for us!

Last highlight is a video I need you all to watch, like now. This little girl, if you haven’t seen her on Ellen, is a super genius! She is so young and already knows not only all the countries in the world, but facts about them too. This video is not fake, it’s just the cutest thing you will see today.  Her voice is enough to brighten up anyone’s day!

This is a master class in how to be adorable.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Lynne nominated me to do the Quote of the day Challenge! Now, I am not sure I am allowed to change the rules, but I think I just might… I am a rebel. I will only do one post with one quote, instead of three posts with three different quotes. I will then nominate 3 people who can either do the challenge my way, not do it at all, or do it for 3 consecutive days!

If you decide to do the challenge for three days, you must nominate three new people for each quote you post!

The quote I chose is one I pinned a while back on Pinterest, I think it can speak to everyone and it is so incredibly true! 


This quote so clearly displays how time has a weird way of warping. It’s weird to look back and acknowledge that some things have changed, while not always being able to know when or how exactly those things changed.

Now, I will nominate three bloggers to keep the challenge going! (You can totally not do it, I will take no offense in that at all!)

  1. Jacklyn at Jacksbalancingact.com
  2. Kate at thedomestikatedlife.com
  3. Cora at mylittletablespoon.com

That’s it for me this week, I hope you all have the greatest of weekends!

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