Testing 1, 2… Is This Thing On?

Testing 1, 2… Is This Thing On?featured

Oh, guys… It’s been a while.

I feel actually quite embarrassed about my falling out of blogging, I have been repressing it for quite some time now.

I haven’t been checking my blog whatsoever, nor have I been reading other blogs, because it just brought on this insane amount of guilt. It made me feel like a failure and a huge let down to the ones who read my blog.

I woke up this morning finally thinking it was enough, it was time for me to write this blog post.

I think it will come as no surprise that I may or may not have lost touch with my blog… It’s like one day, I no longer felt like taking pictures of everything and I no longer wanted to take the time out of my evenings to write blogs or to create content. I had to stop, because my content was feeling forced and simply not genuine. It made me guilty because all I have ever tried to be on this platform is 100% genuine with all of you.

I miss coming here and writing to all of you and I miss reading all of my fellow blogger friends blogs… but I think, for my creative juices and my own self, it is time for me to drawback from this blog until the willingness and need to blog again comes back. I’m wanting to come back to you guys with a ton of great ideas for this summer, I’m not letting this blog go.

I’ve been up to quite a bit, how about you!?!

Recently I was an intern at a diabetes day clinic and learnt a whole lot, I’ve got a pretty big presentation coming up tomorrow, I am moving in with James in May in a beautiful apartment and I am leaving for Europe on May 31st!

I’m excited for everything that is coming up this summer, and I would love to share it all with you. However, I just feel like I have lost sight of where I was wanting to go with my blog. When I unscramble all of these ideas in my head, I will be back on this platform with the best posts yet!

Until then, I wish you all an amazing spring and I thank you for being a reader on this website, it truly has brought me the greatest honor.

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Stephanie - 22 years old - lover of food - Dietetics intern - Believes in a balanced lifestyle of health, fitness and a whole lot of sugar - dreamer and wanna be traveler

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