Thinking Out Loud: Severe Car Issues and Europe Trip Ramblings

Thinking Out Loud: Severe Car Issues and Europe Trip Ramblingsfeatured

Hey there!

I wasn’t going to write a post tonight, then I thought how it had been so long since I actually spoke to you guys, and I thought you know what?


So, let’s think out loud! Thanks to Running With Spoons for hosting this linkup!

I have a funny story for you guys… It was funny but also it might have been one of the most stressful moments in my short life.

Yesterday evening, James and I were driving back to my house from downtown Montreal during rush hour. Let me just tell you that rush hour ain’t pretty in Montreal. It just ain’t.

We realized that his engine was getting really hot, and knowing that his car burns oil as quickly as I can finish a bag of popcorn (lightning speed), we pulled over and James filled the oil up.

We went along our merry way, but then realized the exhaust in the back of the car was releasing smoke. We were too stressed to throw ourselves into traffic so we waited for rush hour to pass.

When we finally got onto the bridge… All hell broke loose.

James’ car started releasing the THICKEST cloud of white smoke. I am not kidding when I say that it was thick and opaque and VERY noticeable. The other people who were driving behind us were switching lanes because they couldn’t see anything. We had people giving us thumbs up, laughing at us and even honking and raising their fists in the air.

I personally thought it was the end, we would stop on the bridge and the car would explode. I was not chill, ok? I just wasn’t. But, we had to keep going, because there is no way we are going to stop on a bridge during rush hour. So we kept on releasing large puffs of smoke at a very alarming level for the entire length of the bridge.

All in all, James’ car is fine. He added too much oil in the car and now the car will need to burn the excess oil until the level is normal. My cortisol levels rose to an abnormally high level today, I swear my palms became rivers of sweat while we were on that bridge.

That pretty much sums up my exciting evening! I don’t have much more exciting news other then I’ve been working full time lately, which might explain my perhaps less than usual participation in commenting on blogs and using social media.

Speaking of social media, do you guys play Pokemon? I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you that I am level 17… So yeah… I walked 40 km so far with the app… in one week…. Anyway, moving right along.

I LEAVE FOR EUROPE IN …………………..Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 10.38.51 PM


We are travelling to many places, one is Nice, which is where the most recent terrorist attack happened. It made me uneasy at first to be going there so recently after an attack, and I feel disgusted that events like this are happening so often. My heart is permanently going out to all the families who are victims of terrorism.

But also… I am getting quite annoyed by the amount of people who are telling me to be careful, or that I am crazy to be traveling there.

Will you not go to NYC because of 9/11? Or what about gay bars? Will you stop going there because of one violent occurrence? I mean come on, we can’t live in fear of these types of things happening, because then, well… We are just not living at all.

Anyways, we are also going to Bern and Lucerne in Switzerland, Florence, Cinque Terre, the hills of Tuscany and Rome in Italy and flying over to Barcelona! We have a bunch of excursions and cool things planned, I will definitely be telling you guys all about it later on :). One of them may or may not involve a full day of Italian cooking.. πŸ™‚


Bern, Switzerland (source)


Cinque Terre, Italy (source)

On that note, I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I really could go for quite a while longer, I think these Thinking Out Loud posts might be happening more often from now on!

I hope you guys have a jolly end of the week (since when do I use the word jolly??) and we will most definitely be getting in touch together soon. See ya!

Have you ever had a major car breakdown while driving?

What was one of your favorite trips you’ve ever been on?

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