Top 3 Friday #2: Discovering New Food and Reminiscing Past Trips

Top 3 Friday #2: Discovering New Food and Reminiscing Past Tripsfeatured


I slightly annoyed myself there but I don’t regret it at all, because it’s Friday! What better day to look back at the week and remember my top moments.

Thank you Kate for this awesome concept and letting me jump in on your blog post idea!

Top 3 Eats

1. Imadake

On Tuesday night, it was my friend’s birthday and we celebrated it at Imadake. This restaurant specializes in Japanese food and the plates are quite small which makes it fun for sharing! It ended up tasting really good and I was introduced to a lot of new foods. I tried taking pictures, but my phone isn’t the best…


No idea what these noodles were called, but they were some of the best I’ve had. They were creamy somehow and had a delicious sesame taste.

The next picture features some type of octopus bite and in the back was a goat cheese bite! These things came with a raspberry sauce and tasted like a deep fried cheesecake *jaw drops to floor*… Yes.


ok, its blurry, I’M SORRY, but I had to include the one and only picture I had.

We also had beef tongue (which, nope, not for me), chicken and wasabi sauce and some chicken skewers!

And next a picture of James and Kevin, my best friend’s boyfriend, casually drinking 1 litre of beer. I unfortunately don’t have a picture with the birthday boy!

1 L beer

2. Kefir

I found these new coconut flavored  portions of Kefir and love them! I’d rather have a big container to eliminate having to waste so much plastic, but I really do like the “grab and go” nature of these little guys.


3. Chocolat Favoris

A well known ice cream place opened up a new store right near my house and it’s just so good. They dunk the ice cream in the richest and most delicious chocolate. The chocolate hardens, but not quite to the point where it get’s too crunchy. It  also makes such a think shell, I swear it becomes like a chocolate bar that surrounds the ice cream. 

Favorite dip flavors include dulce de leche and cookies n cream.

Chocolat Favoris

What dreams are made of

Top 3 Highs

1. The weather

Yes, yes, yes , yes, YES.

I think us Canadians are VERY deserving of the warm weather, and boy do we appreciate it. It’s been insane how many people have been outside, I’ve been enjoying nice walks and my very first run outside today. It was 25C!!!!!!!!! (77F)

2. Internship

Although I spoke of my internship in my last post, it’s really been fun to finally go out into the real world and apply the knowledge I have been learning. Plus I finish at 1:30, so that’s a huge bonus.

3. La Distillerie 

On Saturday I went out to my favorite bar everrrr with my sister, her boyfriend and James. We had a great time and later grabbed some poutine at 2 am, which just goes to show how great of a night it was (late nights = successful nights).

The only good picture my sister and I managed to take

The only decent picture my sister and I managed to take

I had a peach drink that came with a scoop of ice cream, when the ice cream melted, it made the tastiest and creamiest drink… This place is just so darn good.

Then it was downhill from here.

Trying my best to look cool/mean?

Top 3 Lows

1. Being tired

the struggle right? 

I’m just so not used to being tired and I have been falling asleep every afternoon, thanks to the 4:30 am wake up call. That’s not a good thing because naps make me feel TERRIBLE. I wake up with a sore jaw, a pounding heart, a high degree of confusion and it’s just not a good time.

2. Not being in Vegas?


My lows suck this week haha, but hey, at least it means I’m having a good week!

I can’t think of a third low…

Top 3 Instagram Shots

The Humans of New York account is currently following the stories of pediatric cancer while trying to raise money for research, the stories are incredibly sad, but they really do teach you something about enjoying life to the fullest.



Have you ever had the grey stuff?? This is the best dessert  I had in Walt Disney World and it’s found in the Beauty and the Beast’s castle. Such great memories!


Nice is a destination I will be visiting this August, so this post made me all giddy!! Bring on the croissants.

It’s your turn!

Pick one of these and list me your top 3!

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

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