Top 3 Friday #3: Mexican Nights and Dance Parties

Top 3 Friday #3: Mexican Nights and Dance Partiesfeatured


Now that I am doing a full time internship that requires me to wake up at 4:30 am everyday, I have to say that I am loving Fridays and the thought of the upcoming sleeping in that will go down tomorrow.

And what better day then highlighting this week’s top 3’s?!

Once again, thank you Kate for being awesome and for letting so many of us participate in these blog posts!

Top 3 eats

1. Homemade EnchiladasEnchiladas

On Saturday, James and I had my sister and her boyfriend over to have an authentic Mexican meal! 

We found a Mexican store in one of our local food and produce markets and it was the most amazing little find. We got homemade pico de gallo, salsa verde, corn chips, mexican cream (which by the way, Mexican cream is a cross between cheese and sour cream and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD) and some Mexican cheeses.

We ended up making some enchiladas, while my sister was in charge of bringing the rice.IMG_1452

Enchiladas Verde

Enchiladas Verde

2. Aloe Vera

Ok, I am gonna be honest here, the whole aloe vera prepping part was so fun, but the eating part wasn’t that great. But I’ll include it here because half of the food experience is prepping, right?!


That aloe vera gel goodness

When I was at the store on Saturday, I walked by Aloe Vera leaves and my eyes popped out of my head and I couldn’t control my need to walk over to them, grab a leaf and gawk like a total weirdo. I approached James, aloe vera in hand, and he didn’t even ask questions before telling me to buy it.

Aloe Vera is cool! I wanted to make juice from it and try making some cool drinks at night with the juice. I cut my leaf up and extracted the gel, then completely messed up the juice recipe. All in all, it wasn’t so great, but it was a ton of fun!

3. Eclair Cake 

Probably one of the easiest desserts to make in the whole world, but oh my goodness is it tasty. My mom made this on Sunday night and it was amazing, she has already made this 3 times! It’s a fave in our house.

Top 3 highs

1. Running outside

Every year, when the weather starts getting warmer, I start hating indoor workouts. Looking out the window and seeing the sun makes me question why I am not getting out there, exercising and getting some of that Vitamin D (which we all know we’re most likely not getting enough of, check out Kate’s super interesting blog post about it).Walking

I’ve started running outside a couple days of week, and sometimes running at the the Mount-Royal mountain in Montreal with James.

2. Mexican night

The night we made the enchiladas was such a great night. 

We had a delicious supper, sat on James’ balcony in the heart of downtown Montreal on the 17th floor, had a one hour dance party in his living room AND watched a scary movie.

Enjoy this video of James dancing! Will he hate me for it?? Who knows ;).

Ah, the greatest dances moves don’t you think??

By the way, is anyone else really bad at watching scary movies? I spend half my time not even looking. The movie we watched was called “Hush” and it was more suspenseful and less scary then the typical ghost and haunted houses type of movies. I recommend it!

3. New plants

James’ apartment is equipped with sooooo many plants now. The latest edition is this awesome little pot of plants that contains 9 different herbs! It’s been so fun having some fresh basil on hand.


Top 3 lows

1. Impatience

I’ve been working on attempting at making more recipes for my blog and I am the type of person who wants my creations to work out perfectly the first time around. Most often they don’t and I get very impatient and frustrated when it takes too long for me to get a recipe just right.

Sneaky sneak peak at a recipe I'm trying to perfect!

Sneaky sneak peak at a recipe I’m trying to perfect!

I’m working on my skills though!

2. Feeling nervous

Still feeling a little weird about my internship, I feel it is a lot easier then it should be (food service is pretty easy though). 

I am so used to always working hard that this internship is causing confusion in this little brain of mine. I spoke to my supervisor since we are supposed to do a mid-way evaluation, I thought we would talk it out but she said she would just simply fill out the evaluation sheets.

I wanted feedback though, so I asked her, and she laughed and said “well I don’t have any problems with you, don’t worry”. So that left me feeling a little reassured, although I was hoping for more concrete feedback. But hey, I just need to keep going with the flow.

3. Feeling tired in the afternoon

I feel I’ve been wasting my afternoons because I feel so tired after my day at “work” and end up napping. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied, with the tons of reports I have to write and recipes I want to try. Running also really helps with slapping some energy back into me, but some afternoons I just end up falling asleep!

Top Instagram Posts


This might seem vain but seeing my little creations on someone else’s Instagram filled my heart with so much warmth and put a huge smile on my face. This is my 1 minute chia seed mug cake! Thanks Cora for sharing them :). 


Laughed a little too hard at that one.


Why is Taylor Swift’s cat so damn cute?!?!

Also, another favorite that I have no idea where to categorize is Beyonce’s album Lemonade! Have you listened to it?? It is so good.

That’s all she wrote for this week, have a great Friday and a GREAT weekend!!!

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