Top 3 Friday #4: Warm Weather Vibes

Top 3 Friday #4: Warm Weather Vibesfeatured

Another week, another Friday! Friday’s are good in so many ways and there is NO better day to start listing my top 3’s!

Thank you Kate for this awesome blog post idea 🙂

Top 3 eats 

1.  Ben & Jerry’sBen and jerrys

Ah, summer is the ice cream season! Since all the ice cream stores close during the winter, I really go all out in the ice cream department during the summer. The New York Super Fudge Chunk at Ben & Jerry’s is one my favs!!! 

Huge chunks in every. single. bite.

2. Smoothies

Tofu and fruit smoothie

I’ve been really into make super simple smoothies recently. The key to a tasty smoothie that will also fill you up is protein! My go-to smoothie combos usually include vega chocolate smoothie powder, a ton of fruit and water. The other one I make is with coconut dessert tofu, water and fruits! Sounds weird that I simply add water but I honestly find it so delicious.

3. The supper James made for me!

Herb crusted lamb

On Wednesday night, James made me herb-crusted lamb, rosemary carrots and Brussels sprouts with wild rice. What a winning supper! That was also the night we had Ben&Jerry’s, so it was quite a good day of eats.

I love that James is such a great cook, he could of simply made pasta or something easy, but he always goes all out.

Vino included

Vino included

Top 3 highs 

1. Being outside

When it’s nice out, it’s really tough for me to stay inside. I am actually currently writing this blog post in my backyard!


ah those white legs….

Last night James and I took a super long walk. Walks in Montreal are really a favorite of mine, there is always so much to see. Last night we walked around the ultra rich part of town, and I felt real poor gawking at all the houses and peeping through hedges to see some of the backyards haha.



This a house…. It had the most insane backyard too.

We also went to a dog park and got to pet lots of cute little dogs. James and I might not have a dog but we have no shame in going to see these little bundles of joy in a dog park! 

Montreal amazes me in that sense, although we’re a huge city, we still have houses and parks and loads of trees everywhere. You can be in the heart of downtown and walk 20 minutes one way and find yourself in the cutest little neighborhood. I am so happy to live in such an awesome city.

2. Discussion with my stage clinical coordinator

This might be weird to say this was a high of my week, but I met with my clinical coordinator to discuss different topics regarding my food service rotation. We have a stage activity book and there are many topics that we need to discuss in a meeting with our coordinator.

I came in SO prepared, I had made charts, graphs, flowcharts and nutrient analyses to support my discussion. We ended up discussing for 2 hours and I think it went really well.

3.  30 degree weatherFlowers

I have nothing else to say except… Summer, thank you for coming. I LOVE YOU.

Top 3 Lows

1.  Feeling down at the beginning of the week

For some weird reason (I blame it on some hormonal imbalances, if ya know what I mean), the beginning of the week was really weird for me. I felt super down, I was discouraged with my workout routines and the way my body looked, I wasn’t being the nicest person, especially to James, and was just overall not being myself. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have been waking up so early and not going to bed early enough, but I am hoping that I’m over that weird little mood swing for a little while. 

2. Car repairs

Over the weekend, my car’s breaks started giving out. By Monday, they were basically useless and I needed a towing to bring my car to the garage to get it fixed. It’s funny how big expenses seem to come around when you really don’t want them to (not as if you ever want them to..), but I am currently only working on Sundays and my shift usually gets cut, needless to say my bank account is suffering a little.

The repairs were 500$…

3. Feeling like I never have enough time

When I get home from stage, I have so many things I want to do. Workout, write a blog post, maybe try new recipes, work on reports that are due next week (don’t remind me how behind I am..) and actually just take the time to lie down and watch some Youtube videos (one of my favorite lazy past times).

I feel like I never have enough time in my day because I try to fit the schedule of what I would be doing during summer vacation, when in fact I am still in school.

I had a whole WIAW post ready for this Wednesday and I never got around to writing it, which bothered me. I am also not keeping up with my blog reading as much as I would like to, and that also really bothers me (even if I am not commenting, I am always reading!)

Top 3 Instagram Posts

Domestikated Life

Every thing about this picture is right, I even love the caption. Also, our ice cream pics are kind of twinning!!



The most important “dieting” message there is.


There are no words.

It’s your turn, tell me your top 3 highs of the week! 

Have a great weekend 🙂

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