Top 3 Friday #6: One Week Until Summer!

Top 3 Friday #6: One Week Until Summer!featured

Oh, how it feels right to be back.

Well, I might not be 100% back, my posts lately have been on a little bit of the lazy side (three top 3 friday’s in a row heeey), but guys, I have ONE week left to my internship.


With 1 week left, I have so much stuff to prepare for the meetings and discussions I will be having with my teachers, but I am happy to say that my clinical rotation has been awesome! I’ve been working with a lot of patients who have issues swallowing and patients who are underweight. I have been writing chart entries and implementing interventions and my dietitian even told me she was very impressed by my interventions for a level 2 stagiare (there is a total of 4 levels to stage).

That left me feeling real happy!

But, all that aside, let’s hop right into this week’s tops! Special thanks to Kate for the link up :).

Top 3 Food

1. Jujubes

Nope, not the candy!Jujube

This is a fruit and it’s pronounced ju-ju-beh (I was very kindly corrected by the empoyee working at the tea shop- and by kindly, I mean quite rudely). I ordered a tea and this was in it! It tastes a lot like a date, with a more pronounced caramel flavor. It was delicious!

2. Mint Chocolate Clif Bars

Um, has anyone tasted these?

Clif Bar

There are no words, I just love the mint and chocolate combo!!!  

3.  Quinoa, Veggie and Peanut Power BowlPeanut Bowl

Completely obsessed with these types of bowls for supper lately (I may or may not have originally written bowel instead of bowl.. too much clinical nutrition?!). This combo included quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, mung beans, carrots, edamame, sesame seeds and a super tasty peanut sauce. I had this type of supper twice this week, it’s easy and super nutritious!

Top 3 Highs

1. Clinical nutrition rotation

I babbled enough about it earlier, but guys, I love it! It’s been really fun and I am almost sad that it ends in 4 days and I have to go back to my really boring job in the meantime!

I’ve actually been spending days on my own whenever the dietitian isn’t there, organizing my day, going to see patients and writing some chart entries, it feels pretty darn cool.

2. Going out on Saturday nightfriends

Saturday evening my friends and I went out to a bar. It was lots of fun, we danced, stayed out late and biked back to James’ at 2 am. What a night!!Friends.jpg

3. “Let It Go” Yoga sequence

I did a pretty awesome yoga sequence on Wednesday night that focused on letting the bad stuff go. I was in a very stressed-out state of mind and this relieved all the stress, for real!! I haven’t been working out much so it also really felt good to move a bit.

The video: Let it Go Yoga Flow by Yoga With Adrienne

Top 3 Lows

1. James is GONE!!!!

Cue the overdramatization, but James has been gone for over a week now, back to Oklahoma and also visiting Mexico, and it has been a little lonely. Especially the nights where I stayed at his house (closer to my internship placement) alone. 

Luckily I did have some friends over on more then one occasion to either do some homework with or just hang out!

We also hit 3 years together last weekend and celebrated with some biking around the city and a picnic :).picnic

2. Feeling like I don’t have time

Don’t we all struggle with this? We probably do. I just hate having to devote my nights to homework and have my blog be left behind. Tonight I made  the decision to write a blog post, but that meant I couldn’t do other things, like work out!

The struggle right? I actually sound so pathetic after re-reading myself, I know it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it has been on my mind this week.

3. Violence

100% sick of hearing about innocent people dying while having fun or while doing something that should not have lead to death. I’m grossed out.

Top 3 Instagrams


Disney, why are you always so perfect? This castle is insane.


My sister’s Etsy shop was promoted on an Etsy marketplace add, which is happening in Montreal soon! That neck on the left is mine ;).

Check out her shop: Chromalisa! She makes hand painted jewelry and beautiful paintings.


Beyonce, why must you be oh so very perfect? That outfit (although it would look ridiculous on me) is gorgeous.

I will speak to you all again next week, until then, have a great weekend! 

What are your top 3 moments of the week?

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