Top 3 Friday #7: Warm Weather, Good Eats and Summer Vibes

Top 3 Friday #7: Warm Weather, Good Eats and Summer Vibesfeatured

Hey friends! 

Welcome to another edition of top 3 Friday, hosted by the lovely Kate! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Top 3 eats

1. Snow Cream 

I spent one evening this week with a friend, we got food at the food trucks, got ice cream, and then got another ice cream and went to see the fireworks that happen twice a week in Montreal. 

Our second ice cream (because.. why stop yourself at one??) was super awesome. The reason we got it is pretty much because of the advertisement. It was advertised as “Snow cream”, and we were super intrigued.

We chose the tiramisu flavor, and it came with three toppings (we chose strawberry flavored popping bobas, strawberries and a lady finger), and it honestly had a texture that I will have a difficult time explaining. It was strangely light, and had the visible texture of pulled pork (say what??) and the taste was amazing! 

snow cream

2. McDonald’s Salads

You heard that right. Now, this might not be a top eat, but it was definitely an exciting experience to realise that their salads are actually amazing??

McDonald's Salads

This guy had shaved parmesan, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, apples, grilled chicken and a ton of veggies.

Go McD’s??!?!

3. Guedille D’homard

I am gonna be honest and say that I don’t know how to say this in English. Lobster slider? Lobster sandwich? 

Lobster slider

Although there is also delicious tacos pictured, I am talking about the lobster sandwich at the bottom of this photo!

Whatever you wanna call it, this stuff was amazing. This came from the foodtruck of one of the most expensive restaurants in Montreal. It had a bread as a base, with garlic butter, a type of mayo coleslaw and lobster. 

This is what I call street food!

Top 3 highs 

1. Quebec city and family party 

I went to Quebec city last friday (2.5 hour drive) and we visited the town, then went to my uncles and went to a family part the next day! We were over 50 people from the family that attended and it was a really great time.

Quebec City

Views like this remind me why I love Quebec so much.

Quebec City

2. “I wrote this for you”

I wrote this for you

This is a poetry book I read in 45 minutes one night at home and was in shock at how beautifully written it was.

I am not usually the poetic type as I fail to understand what is happening half the time, but this one was simple and to the point. It was a story about love, and I honestly almost wanted to cry at one point, that’s how great it was.

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite poems from the book: 

I wrote this for you

I think this is a great thing to keep in mind. 

3. Walking all around Montreal

Whether I am with friends or with James, I always find myself walking around Montreal for hours. Just today (Thursday), we went on a very long walk to get to a beautiful park with a lake, we walked a total of 3 hours to go and come back and it was honestly a great time. 

I love the streets, the parks and the beauty that this city has to offer. I am a little obsessed.

Montreal Parc Lafontaine

Top 3 Lows 

1. Having to redo a part of my assignment from my Internship 

It turned out not being such a big deal (Since my friend basically gave me the right answer), but seeing an email from the teaching assistant that I had to redo a part of one of my food service assignments as it was not “adequate” was really frustrating to me, especially since my internship has been done for two weeks now. 

2. Being less passionate with reading

This is kind of contradictory as I just said that I read a book in one night, but I used to read a lot. I mean, you guys should see my room, it is basically a library. I recently realised that I haven’t been reading as much and it really made me sad. I recently started reading a book again on my way to work and I feel a sense of contentment in that. 

I really wonder why that passion dwindled away in the first place.

3. Learning certain things about myself 

This past month I have been noticing more and more flaws about myself which others have made me realise and it’s really been bothering me. 

I can get caught up in my own little bubble sometimes that I don’t notice I am being rude or hurting the ones around me. Since I love to talk, I tend to overly talk about myself and my opinions and it comes off as really quite self centered of me.

I am trying to work on that, and it’s harder then I thought, which in turn makes me feel even more self centered and guilty about the way I am. 

Top 3 Instragram Shots


This may not be a super pretty picture as it was originally a video, but I am so excited for my sister! She will be selling her portraits and jewelry all weekend at a sale and I can’t wait to see her table all set up and see what everyone else is selling. 

I mean, are words needed?


Where can I get floaties like this?? And a location like this for that matter….

There you have it!! Have a great weekend everyone!! 

Don’t forget to check out the blog post I posted this week on what to look for on nutritional labels! It’s a nice little guide tailored to whatever you may be watching out for nutritionally! 

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