Top 3 Friday #8: Summer at it’s Finest

Top 3 Friday #8: Summer at it’s Finestfeatured

Happy Friday!

This week passed in a little bit of a blur, I have a half written blog post that was supposed to go up Wednesday, yet my evenings after work we’re so packed that I never got to finishing it!

James’ step brothers from Oklahoma are here, so we have been going out a lot. I also went out with people from work, so I mean, there was definitely a lot of fun to be had! My computer was barely ever cracked open, which might actually be a good thing once in a while.

I am linking up today with Kate to bring you my top 3’s of the week! Since I haven’t gotten around to doing one of these posts in a while, I hope you don’t mind that I cheat a little and mention some favorites from previous weeks as well!!

Top 3 Food

1. Homemade gyrosIMG_1646

I made these one evening and they were extremely easy to make and super delicious. Got this from my Looneyspoons cookbook, which inspired me to write this nutrition related post last week.

2. Pink Lemonade and Corona

Does this count as food? Whether it does or does not, this drink was so good!! It’s kind of like a 2 in 1 drink since the Corona slowly empties as you drink the lemonade, making the drink last longer! dsc_1120.jpg

3. Marshmallow Squares

I have been eating these quite a bit recently, I even went to my grandmother’s  house and she had these in her freezer too!!IMG_1640

The texture of these frozen squares are like no other, I am obsessed. Check out my recipe for it here if you haven’t already!

Top 3 Lows

1. Losing my “lows” list

Throughout the week, I usually keep a paper with me at work, like that if any ideas for my blog pops up, I just write it down to not forget (memory of a goldfish over here). I do this for the Top 3 Friday posts as well, since I sometimes forget to mention some lows or highs that I thought about throughout the week.

It might be weird to say, but I am little confused about what I should be writing in this post because I lost my list!!

2. Not buying a ticket for Osheaga on time

Osheaga is a 3 day music festival here in Montreal that starts today. I wanted to buy my ticket 3 weeks ago (procrastination at it’s finest) only to realize the event was sold out.

James searched the internet to get a pass for Friday only, thankfully we found a guy who was selling the ticket for a “reasonable” price….IMG_1675

I paid 220$ instead of 115$!!! 🙁

I couldn’t resist, I really wanted to go, but man… That’s a lot of money for one day.

I get to see the Lumineers, Flume and Half Moon Run though!

3. Weather Curse

Every time I have a day off, it’s either cold or raining. When I am working, it is gorgeous out!!!

A little annoying, but today is one gorgeous day, and I’m off to a music festival, so I guess the curse is over???

Top 3 Highs

1. New chromebook

I have a new laptop!! My parents are the nicest and actually bought this for me, for no other reason then the fact that my old laptop was soooooooo slow (Thanks mom and dad!!!)IMG_1672

It made it so hard to go on other people’s blogs because it could take a solid 5 minutes for the page to load, and then trying to comment would add another 5 minutes, next thing you know, it took you 10 mins to write a comment. Not cool.

This laptop is so pretty, light and fast. I am so excited to use this for blogging and school!

2. Keeping my job!!!

I mentioned a while back that my boss was not wanting to accomodate my Europe trip, so he basically told me I had to leave in August.

But, with changing circumstances, such as people leaving and the workload diminishing, he decided to give me my vacation! Although this job isn’t the most palpitating, I love the people with who I work and I also enjoy receiving a bonus in December ;).

3. Camping

Last weekend I went camping and it was such a great time.  I honestly did not take my phone out all weekend and didn’t even take pictures, it was nice to not carry around my phone everywhere! Here are some pictures from last year’s camping trip to make up for my lack of pictures!Camping tents

We had an awesome hike on Saturday, it was over 16km and when we got to the top, it started down pouring. The rain did not stop and the hike down was done in pouring rain. I was as wet as if I had jumped in a pool. I embraced it at one point and actually enjoyed it, but the end of the hike was definitely difficult.wpid-wp-1440557692772.jpeg

We also hit the beach, which is always a great time. My face is now peeling after an awful sunburn I got….. I thought not wearing sunscreen would make me look more tan :(.


Top 3 Songs

Changing it up from the usual top Instagram pics because I felt like I haven’t been liking enough pictures recently, so it didn’t feel genuine! 

1. Gun Song by The Lumineers – This song has a nice lull to it, if that makes any sense! I hope they play this song when I see them today! 

2. Take a Chance by Flume – listen to this, listen to this, LISTEN TO THIS.

3. Body Say by Demi Lovato – what is there not to love about this song!?

Have a great weekend everyone!

What are your top 3 songs at the moment? 

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