Top 3 Friday #9: The Goodbye to Summer Edition

Top 3 Friday #9: The Goodbye to Summer Editionfeatured

Top 3 Friyaaaaaaay!!!

I haven’t done one of these in forever! Thanks Kate for creating this wonderful linkup.

Top 3 eats 

My eats this week have been phenomenal, it was tough to choose.

1. Taco salad in a jar Taco salad in a jar

My proud lunch of the week: quinoa and a lemon cumin dressing, refried beans, tomatoes, edamame and green beans, chopped lettuce and southwest tortilla strips. This was everything. 

2. Homemade peanut butter cookie dough, pretzel and caramel ice creamHomemade ice cream

You heard it right. My friends and I got together to make this delicious ice cream and maaaan it was good. Everything was homemade, all the way down to the caramel! 

3. Lunch deal at Le Pois Penche

Lamb chops

Lamb chops and the most amazing mashed potatoes and green beans ever

Last week and the beginning of this week was a total treat when it came to restaurants. I ate out literally everyday. One of our favorite restaurants was having a lunch deal, where you could get an appetizer, main meal and dessert for 25$! It’s a pretty fancy restaurant too, so we were thrilled. 

Top 3 Lows 

1. Starting school… It’s already looking to be like one of the busiest semesters yet. With two classes of clinical nutrition, it’s gonna be a stressful one.

2. Not seeing my family in a while. My parents and sister have been gone to the cottage ever since I came back from Europe, it’s almost been 5 weeks since I’ve seen them and I am feeling it! 

3.  The terrible school schedule I have….. 6 hour breaks twice a week at a campus out in the booneys…… Woohoo!?

Top 3 Highs 

1. The last leg of summer! Mac campus

It’s a sad time to see summer go, but I also feel like those few days before school started we’re super relaxing and nice. I got to do absolutely nothing on one day and it was really quite amazing.

2. McGill’s outdoor pub



McGill has a pretty awesome outdoor pub, called OAP, during the first week of classes and I’ve found myself there quite a few times this week. Last night, some friends and I went to OAP and grabbed a beer then had some 25 cents chicken wings at a pub nearby! I am also going again tonight so that is for sure gonna be another great night.

3. Seeing friends while I still can

Bathroom picture

We went there.. The typical bathroom selfie ha!

This past week has been a blur of plans and things to do, and it’s been kind of great. I went out with some friends on more then one occasion, had an amazing BBQ on my friends rooftop and have a potluck planned with some people in the dietetics program on Saturday! It’s short lived, since the homework is already piling up, but it still feels nice.

Top 3 Instagram 


A picture from James’ time in BC, I just think Canada is so darn gorgeous.


A rare photo of the Leduc fam!! This was my family on their way to our cottage, I love it! And nope, the girl on the left is not me, my sister and I are just very similar in appearance.


What you want? 

That’s aaaall she wrote!!! 

What was your top high and top low of the week???

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