Top 4 Tricks for a Happier and Less Stressed You

Top 4 Tricks for a Happier and Less Stressed Youfeatured

Happy Friday!

I hope your week has been great so far, and if it hasn’t, then perhaps you are at the right place! Of course, my cover photo is from when I was in Switzerland because I’m pretty sure it was impossible for me to have felt stressed while I was there.

There is something about the time change, the shorter days, perhaps the impending doom of finals for all the students out there, or even the fact that Christmas is coming along that tend to make us just a tad more stressed then we usually are.

I thought today I could share with you some tips that will hopefully remind you to de-stress and take some time for yourself. You may have seen many posts about stress and how to reduce it, so I hope to bring along some brand new tricks that you have not heard of or tried before!

Plan Ahead

I wrote down that title and almost laughed to myself as I recall my mom saying just two nights ago “You never plan ahead”. Well, you see, that’s kind of my problem and it does bring on unnecessary stress.

Here is a text from my mom to prove to you just that: 


So that blurring out looks really bad but that part of the text was totally unrelated, but you get my point! Oh, and in case you were wondering, I don’t actually call my mom “mother”, I meant that in a joking way ;).

If you have loads of things to do and tasks you want to accomplish, the best way is to just write it and plan it out. Having all of your daily activities listed out is like a breath of fresh air. Crossing them off your list is equally exciting.


Really busy weeks look a little something like – I’m not that organized as you can tell 😉

I’ll try my best to actually apply this one and practice what I preach!



This right here is actually one of my best kept secrets. I don’t think many people know that I fall asleep every single night thanks to ASMR. The reason not many people know about this is that it might come off as weird to a lot of people haha.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it is this tingling feeling you get in your scalp and/or neck whenever you hear really pleasant sounds. There are loads of videos on YouTube of “ASMRtists” who’s job is to de-stress you or help you fall asleep.

I beg for you to go into this one with an open mind. The videos consist of a Youtuber whispering to you and making different sounds, such as tapping on various objects, flipping pages or scratching objects. Certain sounds might be triggering for you and you will be able to feel ASMR in your head! It’s pretty cool.

Some of my favorite channels on Youtube:



Light a Candle and Get Comfy

Whenever free time comes along, get yourself into relaxing overdrive! My favorite way to feel utterly relaxed, even when I have tons of exams coming??

A huge fluffy robe with chocolate/tea/coffee and a candle is my go to (anything with caffeine apparently, but that is actually not good for stress, but it sure is comforting when I am studying!)

Lindt 90% chocolate

My absolute favorite candle at the moment - Maple syrup scented!

My absolute favorite candle at the moment – Maple syrup scented!

Ditch the Caffeine

I really do like to contradict myself don’t I? Here I am, at 9:42 pm, sipping on a coffee which I know I will regret drinking later and telling you guys to NOT drink coffee. I am so wise.Coffee

Although I do seem to contradict myself, there are times where I actually do not drink coffee, because sleep is so so so important and not feeling like a jittery mess is also important when you are stressed.

Whenever I have exams, I always make sure to not have a coffee in the afternoon or evening and I might not even have a coffee the day of, since I already tend to be shaky when I take exams.

You know yourself best. If coffee makes you jittery and you are about to do something stressful, then do yourself a favor and skip it.

Those are my top recommendations!

Let’s turn this into a discussion! What is your TOP way to de-stress and keep yourself from having a nervous breakdown??

Have a great weekend guys 🙂

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