Top 5 Differences Between my Hometown and Oklahoma! (Vacation Recap)

Top 5 Differences Between my Hometown and Oklahoma! (Vacation Recap)featured

Hello friends! 

I am back from my all but too short trip to Oklahoma and was excited to share some of my experiences with you! Although I did not go anywhere exotic, I thought it would be fun to highlight the main differences between where I live, in Quebec and where I went, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma isn’t the most exciting state and may not be where most people would choose to travel for leisure, but it was so nice to visit James’ family and old high school friends! 

Our little hike up Turkey Mountain

Our little hike up Turkey Mountain

Even though Oklahoma is only about a 3-4 hour flight away (not direct, those just don’t exist from Montreal), I thought there were so many differences to point out.

#1 The heat

This was an outdoor BBQ, some portion of James' famiy is Argentinian and they made the best meats in here

This was an outdoor BBQ, some portion of James’ famiy is Argentinian and they made the best meats in here

Those brief 5 days in Oklahoma were such a tease of warmer weather! I was so grateful to go from -15C to 23C within a couple of hours; words can not describe how good it felt to soak up that vitamin D and just feel the heat on my skin. I think anyone who lives in colder weather can agree that our body really misses that wonderful feeling of heat and liveliness that summer brings.

#2 The layout of the city

This may sound weird but this really was the biggest difference. The layout was so different from back home, and everything was so far away from each other! 

I was also weirded out by the insane amount of gated communities, which virtually do not exist back here. In Oklahoma, you never really drive through neighborhoods to get somewhere, you usually drive on country-type roads that are surrounded by a bunch of gated communities.

Also, I don’t have any pictures, but there were some MASSIVE houses over there, I was in such awe.

#3 Authentic Mexican food

Enchiladas Rojas with beans and rice

Enchiladas Rojas with beans and rice

We don’t have many authentic places to go to in Montreal, but this place was so amazing. It was a small little restaurant that served homemade Mexican food and it was soooooo good!! I wish I could have this again, like now.

Marinated pork tacos

Marinated pork tacos

#4 The amount of churches

In Oklahoma, there are churches on every street corner, it was insane! Here in Montreal, we have larger churches that serve a larger amount of people. It seems that the churches in Oklahoma served a smaller community, which was really cool to see. 

They also post little quotes on the outside of their churches, and I think the best one I saw was “Text and drive if you want to meet God”, which to me was super witty.

#5 Chain restaurants

Driving on the highway, it was quite common to see an Ihop every 10 minutes, or any other chain restaurant for that matter. There were so many! I couldn’t believe how often the restaurants were repeating each other, I felt as if there was a tad bit lack of originality in that sense.

However, there were some places we went to that had less popular and more stand-alone restaurants, which are always my favorite types of places to eat, they always feel a little more original and less commercial! 

Those were my 5 top differences, but there are a couple more, like how flat the landscape was or how so many people were driving such huge cars/trucks! It is always so awesome to see how others live, and it is interesting to be exposed to those kinds of differences.

Before I finish up this blog post, I need to talk about one last thing, and that was The Melting Pot. Have any of you been there?!? DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE THAT IT IS AMAZING?!

Bacon and Brie Fondue

Bacon and Brie Fondue

Okay, I’m sorry, but seriously, woah.

This place is dedicated to all types of fondues, from cheese, to broth, to (of course) chocolate. As you might imagine, we had all three.

To start off, we shared between the family a bacon and brie fondue as well as a spinach and artichoke cheese fondue. They served it with bread, and honestly, there is not much more to say here then wow.

Next up was the broth and the meats, I got duck, teriyaki steak and shrimp and we ordered a butter broth as well as a classic red wine broth.

Dessert was exceptional. We ordered the CrΓ¨me BrΓ»lΓ©e and S’mores Fondue, which was served with brownies, angel food cake, marshmallows, fruit and rice krispies. James and I even ordered the extra dipper plate which came with cheesecake, cookies and cream puffs. This was insane, to say the least.

Smore's Fondue

S’mores Fondue


As you can imagine, I left that restaurant in severe pain, but it was worth it!!

On a little bit of a random note, I had my first Quest bar in the airplane and was very impressed by the texture. However, it tasted so strongly of artificial sweeteners (does anyone else agree that artificial sweeteners have a certain taste that is noticeable?) that it kind of turned me off in that way. I wish they could sub some of that protein for real sugar! All in all, I would have it again.Quest Bar

There you have it, the rest of my Spring break will most likely be spent studying, but at least I got that little vacation in. 

Did any of these differences surprise you?

Do you like Quest Bars?

Have a great weekend everyone :)!

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