Travel Series Part 1: The French Riviera Paradise

Travel Series Part 1: The French Riviera Paradisefeatured

Nice, France

Our trip started off in the south of France, where we stayed in Nice for 4 days. The Cote d’Azur region in France is absolutely beautiful, it is overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean sea and the towns bordering it seem to be the happiest little vacation destinations. Nice, France

We arrived in Nice at 7 am after an almost 8 hour overnight flight. As much as I try to sleep on planes, it is so useless because I’m just way too anxious. However, the excitement kicked in and I really didn’t feel tired at all. We made our way to our bed & breakfast, backpacks on, and started our day. 

Around lunch time, the fatigue kicked in. Jess and I were both seriously struggling, we took a nap and continued our day, thinking we would sleep so well that night. Well, newsflash for us newby travellers, jetlag sucks. At 2am, we were both still up, feeling so ridiculously tired (my whole body was aching and I felt so dizzy), but sleep never came until at least 4am.

Jetlag aside, France was awesome. We spent a lot of our time going to the beach and exploring Old Town, which is the cutest little area in the Nice’s city where the streets are super small and crammed with vendors selling food, jewelry, souvenirs, and there was even…. A pirate themed candy shop.

Pirate candy shop

Old Town

Old town!

Old town, nice

What surprised me the most about France? 


As a fluently french gal over here, it was so frustrating when staff at hotels would speak to us in English even if I was speaking to them in french. The Quebec accent is very different from the French accent in France, but it was still a little annoying that they couldn’t always understand my french and chose to speak English to me instead.

Of course, we saw the memorial from the event that happened on Bastille day in Nice, which was a very sad sight to see. There were thousands and thousands of stuffed teddy bears, candles and notes.

Nice memorial

Food Highlights

Cheese platter and wine

This cheese platter was our dinner since it was so heavy, but it was of course delicious. The wine brought it to the next level.


Some of the best mussels we ever had

Some of the best mussels we ever had with fries and a Nicois plate, filled with bites of Nice’s local food preferences, with 1.50 euro wine!


We had gelato at a popular place in the old town, this place is called Fenocchio’s and it was delicious! I had the tiramisu and kinder flavor, soooo good!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Only 7 euros for a round trip, and a 25 minute train ride away, we stepped into a different country for a day. This tiny country lines the french riviera and was one of the most beautiful destinations we went to.

We started off our day in an exotic garden, appreciating the awesome plants and even crazier views.



Monte Carlo is constructed in a mountain and the city is just so beautiful. It overlooks the Mediterranean, which is always an added bonus.


Our day trip soon came to an end, and we took advantage of the beaches as much as possible while we were in Nice.Nice

Next stop was Switzerland! Stay tuned for my next post πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all having a great start to your week, talk to you all soon again! 


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