Travel Series Part 2: The Rolling Hills of Switzerland

Travel Series Part 2: The Rolling Hills of Switzerlandfeatured

I think the most exciting part of this travel series has to be this blog post right here. Visiting Switzerland was an absolute dream and I can not be more thankful that Jess and I chose this country as a destination.


Casual train views

Switzerland is like no other: it’s beautiful, has the most wonderful landscape, has the greenest grass and the world’s happiest population. Their theft rates are little to none and their cows wear really large bells… Doesn’t that sound like an awesome country right off the bat?

Jess and I visited the german speaking part of Switzerland, including Lucerne, Interlaken and Grindelwald (which has become my favorite place on earth). Being in a german speaking area was definitely different and quite the culture shock, but happily most people could understand english quite well.

We slept in Lucerne and stayed in Switzerland a total of 4 short days but accomplished a lot for such a short time.

Backpacker's Lucerne, Switzerland

Our little sleeping quarters at the Backpacker’s Lucerne, our only room that had a balcony, which was an awesome bonus.

Day 1

Visited Lucerne in the morning and spent the afternoon by the lake, swimming, eating and soaking up the insane views.Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

The views from lake Lucerne, alps and swans are the norm.

Farmer's Market

Next stop was lunch time! We bought some food at this little street side open air shop.

Lunch, Switzerland

One thing to mention about Switzerland, it’s not cheap! This lunch of salami, olives, fish cheese filled peppers and bread from the local farmer’s market cost over 40 CHF (which translates into about 55$ CAD). We might have had a little bit of a panic attack when we heard the price, but enjoying fresh food by a lake in Switzerland makes everything better.

Let's not leave out the mandatory Lindt

Let’s not leave out the mandatory Lindt chocolate.

Day 2Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Went up Mount Pilatus! It’s one of the closest mountains from Lucerne and can be seen in the picture below.Lucerne and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

We went up by the world’s steepest cogwheel railway, enjoyed the most ridiculous views once at the top, and came back down by aerial cable way.Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

The top of the mountain was so incredibly serene, I can still hear the wind and the sound of the cow bells (yes, there were cows up at the top of the mountain!!!) when I think back to it. Actually, the top of that mountain might actually be the most vivid memory I have of this trip.

Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

It was gorgeous.

Day 3

Visit to Interlaken and Grindelwald, this was the day that Switzerland stole my heart forever.

We spent about 1 hour in Interlaken, so we didn’t get to accomplish much. It’s an incredibly small town and would have been much better to visit if we were planning on hiking some trails. Other then that, it wasn’t much to write about.

We then made our way to Grindelwald with our bus for the day. Jess and I were, to put it into short terms, extremely underdressed for the weather.. it was raining and sooo cold. We wore our cute little dresses, obviously unaware of the day’s weather. Of course, the Canadians in us are quite resilient to the cold… But, let’s be real, not by that much. We stopped and got ourselves an umbrella, then bought matching Grindelwald sweaters and continued our adventure in this amazing little town.snapchat-9079483299785272040.jpg

Our first stop (after our clothing breakdown) was at the cutest little restaurant where we had our first taste of traditional Swiss cuisine. We shared cheese fondue with bread and potatoes as well as Rosti, which is a skillet of grated potatoes, meat and aaalll the cheese. It was the best food we had on our entire trip.



Then, we decided to go down into the valley to walk in the more residential streets. I have never, ever, ever in my life been so moved and captivated by a view.Grindelwald, Switzerland
The valley was dotted with houses and surrounded by the greenest grass and nicest farmland I have ever seen. The cutest little train track made it’s way through the area, adding a certain dream like effect to it all. The grass was green as can be and the mountains that surrounded the valley were so imposing, they rose straight up to create the most jagged peaks.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

It was cold, but you can’t deny that this thematic dress fit in with the scene PERFECTLY!


I feel as if I could write poetry about this place, that’s how mesmerizing it was to me. I also think that EVERYONE needs to go to Switzerland at least once in their lives, it can never be compared to anything.

Driving around in Switzerland looks a little something like this

Driving around in Switzerland looks a little something like this.

Our time in Switzerland ended all but too soon. I know I will be back to visit the alps, the greens, the hiking trails and the cows soon again. Until then, I’ll be day dreaming of this country with this big of a smile on my face…Switzerland

Our trip was no where near done: the warm weather and incomparable cuisine of Italia awaited us! Stay tuned for my next travel series post :).

Have you ever been to a place that completely took your breath away? If yes, where??


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