Top 5 Vegas Moments!

Top 5 Vegas Moments!featured

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a long time! Ever since I came back from Vegas, I have been either at school (for orientation for my internship), out with friends or at work. Whenever I had down time, I wasn’t quite ready to crack open my laptop and get to blogging right away.

I have been staring at this laptop all semester so I thought I needed a teensy tiny break.

I will tell you more about my internship (which starts on Monday, today!) in later posts, since I want to talk about Las Vegas first! Thought it would be cool to do a little top 5 of my trip and share it with all of you! If you’ve been, tell me what your favorite part of Vegas is!

1. The Hotels

Let’s start by jumping right into what Vegas is basically made of, which is hotels! 

The hotels in Vegas are like no other, they are HUGE. When you enter, you usually walk through a huge casino, pass 3 bars, 2 restaurants, a shopping center (no, I am not kidding), before even realizing you’re in a hotel.

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This was the hotel we were staying in. Little side note, when we arrived they didn’t have our room ready. Since they made a mistake, we ended up getting upgraded to a suite with a wrap around balcony that had the most awesome view!!

All the hotels are either super luxurious or themed, like the New York New York hotel. The hotel was mimicking the skyline of NYC, which is quite cool.New York New York, Las Vegas

Or you have the hotels like these ones, that were simply breathtaking.Wynn, Las Vegas

2. The views

Speaking of hotels, like I mentioned in the caption above, we got upgraded to a suite at our hotel and ended up on the 62nd floor! The view was absolutely incredible. We arrived at night and I was in awe after seeing this insane view: 

Las Vegas

I apologize for the not-so-great quality, for some reason, none of the pictures I took of this view came out too good.

What shocked me the most, however, was waking up the next day (after having gone to bed at about 3 am Vegas time, which was 6 am Montreal time)  and seeing mountains like I had never seen before. I was so shocked by their beauty, the picture simply does not do it justice.

Las Vegas

Look at those snow caps!

Las Vegas

Even the views from the plane were on point, I even got to see the grand canyon, although I don’t have a picture since it didn’t look so grand from the airplane.


3. The Casinos

It wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without trying out a few slot machines, which are everywhere and in every single hotel!

The slot machines in Vegas are lots of fun, they have Willy Wonka themed ones, Ellen DeGeneres Slots and even Family Feud, which was my fav.Family Feud Slot Machine

I was surprisingly lucky and won quite often, my spending money was never really going down because I kept winning it back! Heck yeah.


James playing penny slots, definitely not winning big.

We thought we would go to Vegas and not really be into gambling that much, but it turned out that it was one of our biggest highlights.

Also, did I mention the drinks are free when you play at the slots? Any alcohol, coffee, soda, water or beverage you want is available 24/7! This was probably my favorite part of the casino experience, I love me some free alcohol!

4. The Food

We had some really delicious food in Vegas, and I kind of suck because I didn’t take that many pictures of it.

One of our best suppers was at a restaurant called The Fix, where I had rack of lamb with artichokes and potatoes, and a delicious cheese and spinach side. Oh man, that was soooo good.

I also had my very first gelato (so that I can compare it to the gelato I will eat in Italy haha). I got the Oreo flavor and it was SO GOOD.

Another favorite supper was at Carmine’s, which is an Italian restaurant. We had spaghetti Bolognese, chicken parmigiana and veal scaloppine. 


On the last day, James and I ate at a breakfast buffet at our hotel. I have to admit, I ate breakfast, then dessert, then lunch, and then dessert again. Who has control at buffets? Because I seriously do not. ESPECIALLY the dessert table, I mean…. there was gelato…. and cake.. and pastries. I needed it… all.


Plate 1/4 haha, Fruit, biscuit and gravy, danish, hashbrown and cherry danish.

James took his buffet with the endless mimosa option, he drank so many mimosas in such a short amount of time and ended up feeling a little tipsy at 11 am haha.

5. Seeing Old Las Vegas 

On the last day of our trip, after our buffet and millions of mimosas for James, we decided to buy a pass to the “hop on hop off” buses to tour Vegas.

Not only did we get to learn a ton of cool stuff about Vegas, we also got to see the old Las Vegas strip, which had such a different feeling but was really awesome to experience.Vegas

James also played blackjack with the most awesome ladies from Atlanta and Texas, they were so funny! It was a very fun experience to talk to these hilarious ladies, we had a great time.

We also bought a huge slushy at this stand  in the street that had every single slushy flavor possible. We chose sour head and blueberry lemonade, alcohol was in the slushy, of course!


Also, I thought I would talk about the weirdest drink I have ever had. Here it is:

The way the drink works is that you take a sip first, then chew on the flower before sipping it again. What happened after chewing the flower was something I never expected..

My whole mouth starting sending out tiny electric shocks, it felt like it was numb and tingling. My mouth was salivating like crazy. I kept drinking the drink, and honestly, nothing spectacular happened. I was so uncomfortable for the 5-10 minutes where my mouth was victim of constant electrical shocks.

Worth the 16$ (Yes, SIXTEEN), I’m not so sure, but I’m glad I experienced it!

My first day of internship starts tomorrow guys!! I have to be on site at 6:30am, which means I am waking up at 4:50am… Haha.

Wish me luck,  I will update you as the week progresses!

P.S. to follow up on an update I told you all I would share, I had mentioned I was dying my hair blonde, and the hairdresser told me she could not make it blonder without bleaching, we ended up just adding more streaks.

Have a great day everyone :).


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