Escaping Mysterious Rooms + A Wonderful Wedding (Weekly Highlights #10)

Escaping Mysterious Rooms + A Wonderful Wedding (Weekly Highlights #10)featured

Happy Monday!

This past week has me feeling a little giddy, because I have had so much fun in the past couple days! I am excited to be here again with you to share my little discoveries of the week and the events I attended!

Breakout GamebreakoutMy friend’s birthday was this past Wednesday and she had proposed we go play a game of Breakout. For those who aren’t familiar with this, it is a place where there are different themed rooms and the goal is to find a way to escape the room within the allocated time, which in this case was 45 minutes. We were 7 people and we did not escape within the time limit, unfortunately. The game requires you to use logic, reasoning and out of the box thinking to allow you to escape the room.

The theme we chose was Hocus Pocus, where we were supposedly detectives going into this magician’s house, trying to find evidence for his past thefts. The game was insane, when the employee showed us at the end (after the 45 minutes), how we were supposed to get out, we were in such shock at how difficult it was! 

We will definitely be going back soon! Do any of you have a similar kind of place close to your house??

ZoodleszoodlesAfter using my spiralizer that I received for Christmas to make this pesto and shrimp zoodle recipe, I am in love! I had no idea that zucchini noodles could taste so yummy, I am excited to keep discovering other ways to use my spiralizer!

Christine & Pierre’s Weddingwedding This is definitely my biggest highlight of the week, and it was actually the first wedding I had ever been to (say what!?!).

This place was simply amazing, the decor was so wonderful, with the blue and white colors that were so reminiscent of  a winter wonderland. They had little bites to eat and champagne was in my hand the moment I walked in, which was a great start!

The food was also so delicious, we had an appetizer of sweet potato ravioli, then they came out with bocconcini, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. For the main meal, I had the fish, which was served on a bed of quinoa and was so delicious. The wedding cake was amazing, with it’s delicious vanilla layers and fondant frosting, I wanted seconds! IMG_0850


Later in the evening, a little “do it yourself” stand of smoked meat and poutine (all the best Quebec foods) made an appearance. There was also a candy bar, which as you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed.candy bar wedding

The mood of the wedding was amazing, the band playing was so good and I just had fun dancing the whole night away. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous, I mean look at her!!wedding bride

Congratulations Christine and Pierre! 🙂  I had a wonderful night!

Tofu DessertIMG_0806This stuff is something else, I used it this week to make a little dessert that will make it’s appearance on the blog soon, but this would also taste amazing in a smoothie. The variability of this tofu is awesome, I love that tofu can be as delicious as a main meal, but also as a dessert!

That is a wrap for this week, I am sorry for not having that many highlights, but after the wedding, everything seems to pale in comparison! I wish you all a great week!

Do you use Dessert Tofu, and if you do, how do you use it?!

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