Valentine’s Day Recap, a Quaint Cafe and a Must-Try Brownie Recipe (Weekly Highlights #11)

Valentine’s Day Recap, a Quaint Cafe and a Must-Try Brownie Recipe (Weekly Highlights #11)featured

Hello Friends!

This week turned out to be a great one, I love looking back and picking up on all the little things that happened over the week that made me happy! Although I wasn’t so successful in my studying (procrastination to the next level), I think this week might of been worth it. However, ask me if I feel it was worth it in about a week and my opinion might be different.

Valentine’s Day

The night before Valentine’s day, James and I had a super tasty dinner from Copper Branch and enjoyed the most delicious chocolate fondue. 


Smoked Tofu and Grilled Veggie Sandwich: smoked marinated organic tofu, sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, Swiss style slices, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, pesto vegenaise

This chocolate fondue brand (shown below), which is also an ice cream and chocolate shop near my house, makes the most amazing chocolate fondues. The dulce de leche flavor did not disappoint!

Fun Fact: James did not touch the fruit during this fondue, all he did was dip marshmallows into the chocolate. I was not impressed and forced him to eat raspberries haha.


Forgive me for the lazy presentation, just know that this was amazing!


Oh baby.

Dulce de Leche Fondue

I mentioned in my last post that every Valentine’s day my friend and I exchange little treats with each other. We did it again this year, and it is fun because we never remind ourselves to do it, we both just know.

Valentine's Gifts

My gift: Red Velvet Cherry-Filled Cake Truffles, Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction and Conversation Hearts

However, this year was a teensy bit of a fail. Okay, let me take that back, it was a major fail. My friend and I both work at the same job, so we were going to exchange our baked goods at work on Sunday. However, I left my house Saturday night and was not coming back home, and of course, I completely forgot my prepared treats in the fridge. I texted my friend in a panic and she told me it was no big deal (but it so was).

The next day at work, my friend was very late to her shift. She had called work later in the morning and since no bosses were around, I answered the phone. She told me she could not get her car to start (Sunday’s weather was about -25C, which if my fellow Americans were wondering, that is -4F and -15F with the wind chill). Anyway, she never made it to work. 

All in all, we both failed at exchanging each other our treats and know that the next time we will see each other, our baked goods won’t be so fresh. Those cookies and truffles are now mine!

Raspberry Oatmeal Cookeis

I accept the task of eating these.

Moving onto more successful Valentine activities, that night, we had a delicious supper with my family. We had lasagna, homemade bread and homemade Cesar salad, It was amazing. My sister’s boyfriend is the one who made the lasagna, and he is quite the connoisseur. Lasagna and Cesar salad

For dessert, my mom made the cutest little jars that contained a delicious layer of dark ginger chocolate and another layer of cream cheese and white chocolate. These little things were to die for!White and Dark Chocolate Little Jars

Booking a Trip to Oklahoma

Okay, so most of you are probably thinking “Really? You booked a trip to… Oklahoma?”, but hear me out. James has a large portion of his family living over there, so we decided to go for a few days over March break! I am so excited to taste real Mexican food, to go to new restaurants and maybe even visit a Trader Joe’s or something? (I am deprived of all these cool stores, any recommendations!??). I am also super excited for warmer weather.

Cafe Aunja

Cafe Aunja

This ginger and lemon infusion I had was amazing! James went for an earl grey; can we talk about how cute his mug was?!

Discovering this little gem just two steps away from James’ apartment was the most amazing event. This place has the cutest teas and drinks, and the most comforting atmosphere! We went twice in the past week alone.Cafe Aunja

Double Chocolate Banana Oat Bars 

I made these a while back and they have been chilling in my freezer ever since. I took a piece out this week to reheat and eat it and had an emotional breakdown while eating these. These bars are a lot more like brownies to me, they are rich and fudgy and super chocolatey and are crazy healthy. It is rare that I will say that a healthy brownie tastes almost as good as a regular brownie, but these do. They are just simply delicious, especially heated up.


Double Chocolate Banana Oat Bars by the Ambitious Kitchen

Just trust me on this one and go make them (they take max 10 minutes to prep!).

Have a great week everyone! 

I have a new instagram account for this blog and it is called Mindfuleatsandtreats! Check it out πŸ™‚

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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