Setting Goals + Night out, Sipping Wine and A Hilarious Interview (Weekly Highlights #6)

Setting Goals + Night out, Sipping Wine and A Hilarious Interview (Weekly Highlights #6)featured

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!

With the start of a brand new week, not only do I want to look back on last week and highlight some of my favorite moments, I also want to give myself some goals to follow so I can start being more productive for the upcoming weeks. I have been slacking in some aspects recently, school work and exercise are the biggest issues. I think that by giving myself goals to commit to, I can come back on track and finish off the semester feeling less stressed! This little “list” tidbit of today’s post is inspired by Jacklyn, who did a similar post last week. After seeing her post, I just knew I had to do something similar.

Making a daily list of tasks to accomplishplanning

AND MAKING IT A REASONABLE LIST. I had to caps that.. Is anyone else victim of this major problem? I have no problems making myself lists of tasks I need to accomplish but they are always impossible for me to achieve as I simply give myself too much to do. It’s a major bust when you don’t even get to accomplish half of the things you wanted to do. 

Go to the gym or exercise 4 times in a week

I’ve been so lazy recently, 4 times is almost pushing it! But honestly, it’s as if my body has been feeling this recent lack of exercise. I don’t feel as energized as I usually do, and feel way more sluggish. I used to easily work out 4 times a week, so I know it won’t be too hard to accomplish this, I just need a little kick in the booteh! My excuse is usually that I have too much schoolwork, but if I am productive with my school work, I will be able to give myself time to exercise and, in turn, make my whole being feel better! 

Start Christmas shopping and planning

Once finals roll around, I will be super grateful to know that all of my Christmas gifts have been planned out! I also have a bunch of christmas post ideas lined up for the blog, I can’t wait for the month of December and I am so excited to spread the christmas cheer for the first time on my blog!

Now that I have my productivity in check, it’s time for me to highlight some of my favorite moments from last week! This post has less food then usual, maybe I subconsciously felt that I had enough food in last week’s highlights to last me at least two weeks.

Odesza Concert 

Odesza tonight was insane

What a night this was!! We got to the show pretty early and got to see these guys really up close. I have featured there music on my blog before, and they are still one of my favorite groups. The way I would describe their music is electronic with a dreamy feel to it. Everything Odesza produces sounds like an enchanting tale or whimsical dream, I love it!

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 

This movie was everything I wanted it to be and it was so suspenseful! I also got to eat a whole bag of popcorn to myself (I am seriously a popcorn monster), so let’s just say it was an awesome night.

Enjoying a Glass of Wine on a Sunday Night 

White Wine

This might be the equivalent of two wine glasses, but to avoid having to get up and fill my glass, I just decided to pour it all (sometimes you have to be real with yourself people).

Because nothing finishes off a weekend better then this.

Sunbutter Cookie Dough Bites

Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites by Oh She Glows Cookbook. I found the recipe online here.

Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites by the Oh She Glows Cookbook

I made these goodies again this week, and although I’ve mentioned this recipe before, this is a friendly reminder that if you love cookie dough, you need to make these… now. My mom happened to finish off the few left in the batch while I was gone last week, she didn’t even leave me one!! Since my mom doesn’t really have the habit of polishing off sweets like that, it just proves that these seriously are super delicious! (I finally decided to forgive you, mom ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Amy Schumer on Ellen

This girl is SO funny, I’ve watched this video at least twice this week and countless of her other interviews and stand up shows. The part where she talks about eating popcorn, I could so relate! If you want to laugh and start your week in the right mood, press play!

That’s it for this week’s highlights, hope you enjoyed this post and that you all have a great week!

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