Winter’s First Snow Fall, Pomegranates and Lots of Baked Treats (Weekly Highlights #7)

Winter’s First Snow Fall, Pomegranates and Lots of Baked Treats (Weekly Highlights #7)featured

Hey everyone!

This week might be the last week I get to truly enjoy myself before I realise that finals are getting really close and I need to go into full blown panic mode. Thankfully, I’ve been prepping some Christmas themed blog posts, because I seriously do not want to pass up on posting awesome Christmas recipes! Once December rolls around, this blog will become a Christmas themed blog, so you’ve been warned! (I am slightly exaggerating, although I’m also kind of not).

I have a lot of things I want to highlight this week, and a lot of it is food! Let’s begin, shall we?

I have been absolutely obsessed with pomegranates lately, I love to prep the fruit in advance and store the seeds in a tupperware for later. Studying + munching on these = perfection. When I am studying, I love to have little things I can munch on, and this has been my go-to choice lately. The way these little juice filled seeds pop in the mouth is so addicting, plus they are so festive for this time of the year, I love it!

Starbucks Snowman CookieIMG_0337I was sure that this lovely looking cookie wasn’t going to taste as good as it looked, but I was so wrong! It was a type of shortbread butter cookie, and I just can not ask for anything more in a cookie. The cookie was extremely filling, I was surprised when I wasn’t hungry for my lunch (yes, I ate this before lunch haha). I decided to look up the nutrition facts and wait for it… this cookie has 400 calories!! I actually kind of thought this was amusing information, I sometimes wonder how it’s even possible to pack so many calories in a little cookie like that! It still doesn’t change the fact that this cookie was amazing.

This Winter’s First SnowIMG_0333Although winter is a tough time where I live, I can’t help but love the way the first snowfalls look. There is something so relaxing about seeing snow lazily falling through the sky, and it is always exciting to awaken and see snow on the ground (or roofs in this case)! It won’t be long before the snow turns into a grey slush and the roads become dirty looking, but for now, I will appreciate!

Pear and Chia Baked OatmealIMG_0419This recipe was definitely a hit in my household over the past week, it is such a comforting and filling breakfast! This pear and chia baked oatmeal was posted by Kate on, I love her blog and I definitely love this recipe! I will be remaking this quite often over the course of the winter.

Josie Maran Argan OilIMG_0432I got these little samples for free in exchange for my points at Sephora, and I am in love! I struggle with extremely dry skin, and I think I might have finally found the cure for it. This makes my face feel so soft and hydrated, I recommend this to anyone!

Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake


Chocolate Banana Applesauce Cake, Look at how moist it looks!! 

My mom made this on Sunday and oh my Goodness. This  cake is so moist, fudgy, chocolate chip filled and CHOCOLATEY. You need this recipe in your life, people. GO MAKE IT NOW.  

That sums up another great week, I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear about your highlights this week!


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