Holiday Themed Favorites + Muffin Recipe You Need To Try (Weekly Highlights #8)

Holiday Themed Favorites + Muffin Recipe You Need To Try (Weekly Highlights #8)featured

Happy Monday all!

It’s another week and another opportunity to look back at all of my highlights from this past week. The post might not be as long as usual, because I need to study for finals (2 down and 3 to go!!!), I am so excited to be done with school and have appropriate time to blog!

Canned PeachesCanned peaches
So I understand that I am starting off this weekly highlights a little weirdly. Really, canned peaches?! Well, yep, canned peaches! I find them to be such a good snack and the syrup they’re in tastes like yummy peach juice. I’m also really interested in trying to bake with them, hopefully over Christmas break!

This page in Ricardo’s December issueRicardo December Issue Resolutions
I can’t believe that a magazine could perfectly display the way I feel about food, I love this!  The resolutions he suggests are eating local and sustainable, getting out of your comfort zone when cooking, trying new foods, inventing a recipe and so many other resolutions that are so awesome!

Spiced Wreath CandleSpiced Wreath Candle
Because nothing makes studying better then a candle that smells like Christmas! It puts me in the holiday spirit, even if it seems that no snow will be present on Christmas day (I can’t even remember the last Christmas we had without any snow!).

Jacklyn’s Blueberry Chickpea Flour Muffins

I bought the exact amount of chickpea flour needed to make these muffins and I seriously regret it, I need more!! These are so easy to make, perfectly sweet and they’ve just got something to them that makes me want to make them again and again. I definitely will be making them again, the moment I have some more chickpea flour in my possession!

Our Christmas TreeOur Christmas Tree
Our Christmas tree is a little different this year and I think it may shock a few. If you look closely, there are no ornaments in our tree! My mom and sister spent a whole Sunday making these little red and gold bows that were stuffed into the tree. I think it’s super cute and different, I definitely give my stamp of approval! (Even though my mom or sister probably don’t care if I give my approval or not haha 😉 )

Sunny days and the way the sun came streaming into James’ apartmentSunlight
It’s weird that this kind of lighting can exist in the winter, but since James lives on the 17th floor of his apartment building, it might have had something to do with it. I felt like this light was so therapeutic for the daylights saving time, we seem to forget that the sun can be golden like this, and I loved studying with the light shining on me in this way!


Krups Machine

This little machine is a life saver! I also love this mug, it’s so nice to me 🙂

I think  I would probably fail all my finals if it wasn’t for coffee (that might be over dramatic, but still), so thank you coffee for being there for me!

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas Calendar

Overly Excited Christmas Calendar Selfie!

I will finish this post off by reminding you all that Christmas is so so so near, and this little calendar reminds me everyday!

I hope you guys have a great one, if you are studying for finals I believe in you so keep going!!! We are almost there 🙂


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