What I Ate Wednesday: A Laid Back Day of Eats

What I Ate Wednesday: A Laid Back Day of Eatsfeatured

Happy WIAW!

Today is my day of eats on Easter Monday, I think it’s awesome because it’s a little different from WIAW. It was unplanned and a little more spontaneous, which makes it all the more fun.

Long weekends are great, am I right? Especially when you can just kick back and relax. On Monday, I had to do a little homework as I hadn’t done anything over the weekend. I was really in the mood to visit a quaint little coffee shop around Montreal (We have so many cute little cafes), so James and I spent the late morning and lunch there.

For breakfast I had a new cereal I hadn’t had before and it was super delicious. The flavor is maple pecan and it actually has a nice maple flavor with pecan chunks, which I of course love.



We headed over to Café Plume right after and ordered a Café Latte for me and a Chai Latte for James. This place had a really nice atmosphere and we will definitely be going back!

Cafe Plume

Café Plume

Cafe Latte

Latte art is simply the best.

Lunch time rolled around and we were still at the cafe, I saw this delicious bagel sandwich that someone had ordered that I could NOT pass up. Seriously, a Montreal-style bagel with cream cheese, prosciutto, tomatoes and fresh basil served warm is probably THE definition of food perfection.Bagel

My afternoon consisted of one of my first real workouts besides yoga in about two weeks and a necessary pick me up:

Maple Cone

Maple Cone! My maple syrup consumption is oh so very Canadian of me, but I mean.. look at this.

Maple Cone

In case you weren’t convinced, this is the inside of the cone. PURE MAPLE SYRUP GOODNESS.

I also thought my day should consist of at least one fruit so I ate this apple while attempting to finish my diabetes meal plan homework.


For supper, my parents were making salmon and we had some asparagus in the fridge that I really wanted to use to make a recipe I had tried before. It is a recipe for Cesar Asparagus, and it is sooo delicious. While prepping the asparagus, I snacked on a few tortilla chips and homemade guacamole.

Homemade Guacamole and Chips

Next up was an amazing supper that was so nutritionally sound it made the dietitian student part of me a little too excited.

Salmon Supper

Salmon, pearl couscous mix and Cesar asparagus


For the asparagus, I made a Cesar dressing, made some quick croutons with 2 slices of whole wheat bread, zested a lemon and added parmesan shavings. The result was so great, especially paired with the couscous and salmon.

You can head on over to Ricardo’s website and get the recipe for Cesar Asparagus there! Just a warning however, the website is in French but I am quite sure you can easily hit that translate button or check out the English version of his website if you do not speak/read French!

Lastly was my latest invention: a microwaveable version of the Oh She Glows “Out the Door Chia Power Donuts” recipe. I usually make this recipe in the form of muffins and have spoken about these guys way too many times on my blog. If you don’t know what I am referring to, click here to check the recipe out!

I am still trying to perfect this recipe but as soon as I have it just the way I want it to be, I will definitely be posting it! Stay tuned for this upcoming recipe.

Not  the prettiest photo, but that will come once the recipe is perfected!

Not the prettiest photo, but that will come once the recipe is perfected!

I snacked on a few Jelly Belly’s that I received from James at my Birthday and that was it for my day of eats!

On a little side note, James had actually bought those Jelly Belly’s at a candy store where you can fill up your own bag and make your own mix. He didn’t realise that his bag would be so expensive because when he got to the checkout, the final price ended up being 40$! He didn’t want to refuse to pay since he had already mixed flavors together within the bag. Let’s just say that I have a whole lot of Jelly beans and every time I eat one, I try to savor it as much as possible, haha. At least I absolutely love Jelly Belly’s (he even got me maple flavor)!!

What is your favorite candy?

Have a great day everyone, talk to  you all soon :).


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