What I ate Wednesday: Follow me Around Edition

What I ate Wednesday: Follow me Around Editionfeatured

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another WIAW.WIAW

Last week, I saw both Kate and Cora making a “day in the life” post and I thought it was a pretty fun concept. It was fun for me to see how routines differ, so let me introduce you to my little routine (it changes everyday but oh well).

7:20 First alarm goes off, my asleep self shuts it off.

7:32 Second alarm goes off, I shut it off and lie in bed, slightly more awake.

7:35 Alright, now it is time. I get up, start the coffee and speed drink it and get ready in 20 minutes flat. I sit down, thinking I have a good ten minutes to eat breakfast, the power of multi-tasking and checking the traffic while I eat tells me I do not.

I quickly check the online website of McGill because I am waiting on my midterm grade for Clinical Nutrition. The grade is not up yet, but another one is. It’s a grade I got for a stage assignment, I got a whopping 58% (I haven’t seen a grade like this in a long time). I tell myself that today will be a terrible day (great way to start the day right?!).

No time to finish breakfast, grab the baked banana oats made from the night prior and GO.

Baked Banana Oatmeal 2.0 by Cookies n Chem, was super delicious and insanely quick to whip up

Baked Banana Oatmeal 2.0 by Cookies n Chem, was super delicious and insanely quick to whip up.

9:00-2:00 Like I spoke about in this post, I have a class where we need to organize a food service event for 45 people. While I was the manager for my own event, I was the employee for other meals. I took part in the Asian Street Food meal event, which Jacklyn organized with her team!

I cut up some veggies, prepared the crusts for the egg tarts and did a whooooole lot of dishwashing.

The dishwashing room was my BFF during the event

The dishwashing room was my BFF during the event

Rumors started going around that the Clinical Nutrition midterm grade was up. My heart flip flopped and I started shaking (I keep it cool, as you can obviously tell). I nearly stopped everything to go check, but I refrained myself. Jacklyn and I were prepping the egg tarts and I wasn’t gonna just leave!

I ended up checking it a little while later and was super relieved with the grade! 

I was seriously so looking forward to the food they were offering that I bought a ticket of my own. My photo is not exactly updated, this was a photo of their menu from one of their first test kitchens. I forgot to take a picture during the event, but their menu was so great!Asian Street Food .jpeg

I had a fresh veggie wrap with peanut sauce, stir fry with chicken, the most amazing egg tart (definitely ate more then one because LEFTOVERS) and bubble tea.

2:30-4:00 Nutrition Through Life class. 

4:00-5:15 Commute back home. A car stalled on the bridge and the traffic was backed up like craaaazy, but what else is new? Traffic is insane in Montreal and I have the pleasure to throw myself in it pretty much everyday.


5:15-6:00 Browse Pinterest trying to figure out a meal for James on Tuesday because it’s his birthday! (P.S. we ended up going to a restaurant and it was amazing)

6:00 Supper is homemade chicken pot pie and coleslaw. My mom was upset that I was once again taking a picture of chicken pot pie since I had it in another WIAW. This one was different though! It had a lot more veggies.chicken pot pie

6:30 Play with Sasha a bit

She wanted her toy so bad, I wish you could see how much her tail was wagging!

She wanted her toy so bad, I wish you could see how much her tail was wagging!

7:00 T25 workout. I have spoken about these workouts before, it is basically 25 minute videos that are pretty intense. There are different videos and the hardest one is the Core Cardio. That is the one I decided to do, and in all honesty.. it was terrible.

I felt so sore and I was so mad at the video for being so hard haha.Workout

My immediate text to James after the workout, he knows the struggle.

8:00 Drink some Kefir and maple syrup and eat a clementine while researching the benefits of crickets as a nutritional powerhouse and sustainable source of protein for a presentation next week. Kefir

11:00 Hunger hit, I ate half a banana and saw a jar of nutella in the pantry that I could not even try to resist.

Banana and Nutella

11:30 Watch YouTube videos in my bed until I fall asleep, which never takes too long.

There you have it, A day in my little life as a dietetics student!

Do you go to bed late or early?

How is your commute to work/school?

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