What I ate Wednesday: Am I Hungry or Bored?

What I ate Wednesday: Am I Hungry or Bored?featured

Hey hey!!

Today is WIAW and with 3 exams, 1 meal event and a bunch of assignments due, I am welcoming how easy and fun these posts are to do!

I felt so overwhelmed before March break and thought that I would feel less overwhelmed after March break, but it is not the case. I actually have a reduced course load compared to others in my program, so I am really not in a position to complain. I am so glad I did a year in physiology before getting into dietetics, if it were not for the extra credits I gained in physiology, I would have had a difficult time balancing work and school.

But seriously, enough about school, let’s talk food!! Shout out to Jenn, the creator of WIAW, for allowing bloggers to come together and share the food they eat!

Oatmeal muffin and Chia pudding

Oatmeal muffin with streusel topping and banana chia pudding (1/2 mashed banana, chia seeds and vanilla almond milk until desired consistency)

I woke up 2 hours later then I wanted to on Monday, I was so frustrated because I felt as if I had wasted so much time. I ate a late breakfast that consisted of a delicious oatmeal muffin, banana chia pudding and coffee.

James and I then went to Starbucks to try and study a little more intensely, he got me quite a big coffee and I had troubles finishing it without getting the shakes (too much coffee for me!)Starbucks Coffee

We got back home around 2 pm and I was absolutely starving. I made myself a quick lunch with leftovers from the night before and I have to say, this was a killer lunch.

Salmon Burger and Coleslaw

Homemade Salmon burger with dill mayonnaise topped with salad and a tomato, with homemade coleslaw

Since it was already 2, I figured I could skip out on the bun with this salmon burger to make it less filling. This was a homemade salmon burger and my mom got the recipe from a magazine, it was so ridiculously delicious. I topped it with a nice layer of dill mayonnaise and some homemade coleslaw on the side.

Salmon Burger

My dessert consisted of yet another oatmeal muffin because a big container of yummy muffins sitting on the counter means I will most likely eat more then one over the course of the day. I enjoyed it with a glass of kefir + maple syrup and some sunbutter.

Kefir and Oat muffin

Kefir + maple syrup and oatmeal muffin #2

My afternoon consisted of mostly studying and loads of procrastination, so I felt an inevitable need to snack. Was I actually hungry? Probably not. Boredom can do wonders for your appetite. I actually kind of regretted eating these snacks (even though they weren’t huge), since I was not that hungry for supper.


Clementine, this batch was such a good one, so juicy!

Graham crackers

Anybody else love snacking on graham crackers?

Supper that night was yet another delicious meal, this time it was ham vol-au-vent! I am not too sure if there is a name for this in English, if there is let me know in the comments!

Vol au vent

Homemade ham vol-au-vent with salad

The night finished off with some online shopping (did not buy anything as usual), studying, procrastinating and a kick in the butt to get myself to workout, which I successfully accomplished. I was really hungry after my workout and I had a sweet and salty craving, which is unusual for me!

it was about 10:30 pm when I ate this snack, but since I still had some homework to do, I knew it was a good idea to go ahead and satisfy my rumbling stomach. It’s important to listen to our bodies, whether that be because we are actually hungry or if it is because we are bored.

It’s not the end of the world if you eat when you are not hungry, I think it is just important to acknowledge the fact that you are eating because you are bored (or for any other reason that is not about hunger). Becoming aware of that can perhaps help you from over-eating.

cookie and cashew

Salted cashews and sunbutter cookie dough ball from The Oh She Glows cookbook

Sometimes you just gotta satisfy those cravings.

What is your favorite craving-buster food?

Have a great day everyone :)!

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