What I ate Wednesday: Are you a Marathon Runner, Sprinter or Procrastinator?

What I ate Wednesday: Are you a Marathon Runner, Sprinter or Procrastinator?featured

Hello my friends!

I have not done a WIAW post in foreeeeever. I kind of fell out of it because I never came around to photographing my meals and also kind of felt as if it was becoming too much of an easy way out for me to get a blog post out without really trying.

When it comes down to it though, I definitely am a procrastinator when it comes to blogging. It is definitely something I am trying to work on, like writing my posts earlier then the day before I want the post to be published (have not succeeded since we are currently Tuesday night).

But, I still absolutely love WIAW and will definitely participate from time to time. Today, the link up is on Sprint 2 the Table’s blog!

So, as we go through my daily eats and a little bit about my day, let’s find out whether you are a marathon runner, sprinter or a procrastinator!



Skinny Slow Cooker Cinnamon Rolls by Amy’s Healthy Baking, coffee and a side of clinical nutrition.

I made cinnamon rolls on Monday and they were baked in the crockpot! (I was actually supposed to be in class, but a 6 hour break at school was not my cup of tea that day). These are quite good, however a little dense for my liking. This may have been my fault with not warming the milk up enough for the yeast, but I still felt the crock pot was restricting the cinnamon buns too much.


Yummy cinnamon buns aside, when it comes to school, my friends characterize me as a marathoner, and I guess I agree, after reflecting about my study habits.

A marathon runner is someone who will start working on something early on and slowly work on it over a long period of time. For example, when it comes to school, I usually start studying way before the date of the exam, because my memory is terrible and I am so scared that I will not be able to remember the material if I cram.


Lunch was eaten at school during a 2.5 hour break between classes, I usually enjoy this break because it isn’t too long and can end up being a pretty good group study session.


Salad, black beans and parmesan

It was a little of a last minute lunch, but delicious nonetheless.


Veggies, hummus and candy which our clinical nutrition 2 teacher gave to us!!

In contrast to the marathon runners, there are also the sprinters.

The sprinter is the one who has no intention of starting to work early on and let’s the stress of deadlines motivate them to work. I have friends at school that study like this and it totally works for them. I’m not much of a sprinter myself.


Not super appetizing, but I swear it’s good! Double chocolate zucchini muffin by Oh She Glows!

Afternoon snack

Un-pictured grapes with a side of clinical nutrition 3. My brain exploded about 15 times after being exposed to so much information over the span of 2 hours and a half.


Now, on the other hand, when it comes to my blog, I am a TOTAL procrastinator. I never ever ever make blog posts in advance (smart move right?), and always end up writing them the night before.

The longer and more informative blog posts usually take me longer, but I still don’t start writing them super in advance.

Procrastinators are different from sprinters, because they have every intention of starting early but somehow, they just don’t really ever do it. Being a procrastinator carries a lot more guilt then being a sprinter, in my opinion.

Pre-workout snack


On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm I have an abs, back and booty workout class at the downtown campus of McGill. Since I finish class at 5:30 and need to make my way downtown, I don’t ever have time to eat. A clif bar ALWAYS does the trick and keeps my energy levels up.

Confession: I have yet to make it to a Thursday night class because I am never in the mood to workout….. wooops! :/

And of course, the ride back to Montreal is a huge traffic jam filled with an excess of traffic cones because I think the city of Montreal might be a marathon runner when it comes to getting repairs done.


Successfully made it to my workout class!


The classes are pretty hard, lemme just say.


Sweaty Steph


When I got back, it was supper time!!!


James prepared me some spaghetti with my mama’s sauce!


I may or may not have gotten a spoon into this little baby.

And that was it for the day! 

Now, it is your turn, comment down below what you think YOU are. Are you a marathon runner, a sprinter or a procrastinator??

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