WIAW: Why the Scale Will Ruin Your Health Goals

WIAW: Why the Scale Will Ruin Your Health Goalsfeatured

Hey hey!! 

I am linking up today for What I ate Wednesday! This is my eats from Monday, I had my first Monday off in months so I knew it was the perfect time to write this post! 

I also wanted to talk about another issue while we went through my day’s eats. 

The scale!!!!

With 39% of adults aged 18 years and over being overweight, the scale does have a certain importance in today’s society (source). I mean, dietitians use them all the time to track the weight loss goals of their patients! 

But, what about health goals? What if you start lifting weights at the gym on a regular basis on top of your cardio?


What if you eat chocolate for breakfast and the scale tells you you have gained a pound? 

Breakfast Bake

Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast Bake (made with strawberries instead) by Running With Spoons

That’s a joke, this recipe from Running with Spoons is super healthy (as well as super chocolatey and delicious, omg??!), plus, as my girl Cora said so beautifully, it’s not that easy to gain weight.

But, you can gain weight by resistance training and if you do it for long enough, you might just see that for yourself. 

If the scale is your reliable weight loss tool, then you will be so disappointed to see your weight going up. You will wonder what you did wrong, “oh, it must have been that chocolate I ate yesterday!?”

But, all this time, you did nothing wrong and did everything right. You ate healthy (and even if you had chocolate, trust me it’s noooot that), did cardio and lifted some weights. You lost fat and gained muscle, and the scale can’t make out that difference for you. 


Cauliflower Couscous

Cauliflower “couscous” with fish

Pause the scale talk. This lunch looks a little weird, but this is cauliflower “couscous” with fish! My mom made this from a recipe in a magazine, but I could gladly share a similar version if you would be interested! It’s crazy how this stuff was almost exactly like regular couscous, but veggie based! 

Getting right back to it. One pound of muscle looks nothing at all like one pound of fat does. There is way more fat than muscle when comparing the two! The scale can not tell you this and this is where your judgement becomes the golden factor in your health journey.


Nectarine while reading

So, what should you do to know for certain you’re on the right track?

Wheat Thin Crackers

Wheat thin crackers plus more of these later on during the day with a side of The Clockwork Princess (great series!)

Here are the two things I recommend:

1. Keep a couple items of clothing that don’t fit you anymore and use them as comparisons to what you wear now.


Avocado Puree, chicken, asparagus and couscous

Basil and Parmesan couscous, pan-fried asparagus, marinated chicken brochette and avocado puree, sooooo delicious!!!!

2. Measure yourself! Measure your waist, arm circumference and thigh circumference and take the measurements again after a couple of weeks. If you are getting leaner, the circumference will get smaller even if you are not losing weight as quickly as you would want to on the scale.

Chocolat Favoris

Dessert was an ice cream cone with my friend at my favorite place, Chocolat Favoris! I actually ordered the cookies and cream dip but forgot to take a picture!! Here is an older picture I had taken, this place is the bomb.

The scale is not the golden tool to your weight loss or health goals. Remember that it is also about how YOU are feeling inside. Do you feel like you’re doing a good job and feel healthier? Then great, you’re already reaching your health goals!

If you stick with the scale, I know you will eventually feel a certain disappointment along your journey, so keep that in mind whenever you step on it! 

What do you think of the scale? Has it helped you or not?

Happy hump day everyone, see you all next time :).

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