What I Ate Wednesday: “Work Hard, Play Hard” Edition

What I Ate Wednesday: “Work Hard, Play Hard” Editionfeatured

Ah, finals season.

I am so used to having daily breakdowns during final seasons that  I am feeling a little weird about this final season. I am way too relaxed and that has left me feeling slightly confused, I guess that’s what happens when you only have 2 finals.

Today (Tuesday) turned out to be way more eventful then I could have ever anticipated for a study day. It involved 2 take out meals (um yes!), way too little veggies and fruits, and alcohol. On top of all that, it also featured quite a bit of studying, woop woop! 

Forgive me for what may seem like lower quality pictures, I spent most of my day taking pictures with my phone which does not have the best camera.

First thing I did when I woke was have some coffee in my awesome mug.Coffee

For breakfast, I made my blueberry and white chocolate single serving pancake, where I used strawberries and dark chocolate instead. I tried to use all the batter to make one huge pancake and well, it made kind of a mess, but it was good!


I won’t even bother showing you the finished product, let’s just stick to this alright?

I made my way downtown to meet with a friend to study, we met up at Kafein where I had the most delicious mocha.Mocha

I really enjoyed this coffee shop, it is super close to where James lives and has a pretty awesome menu. It turns into a bar and poetry reading place at night, which is quite cool. It had two floors with very different vibes, I think it had something for everyone!Kafein Bar

For lunch, I had the squash soup, half of a chicken, arugula and bacon sandwich with the tastiest lemonade. We stayed there for most of the day going over our notes together.Squash Soup


Around 5 o’ clock we met up with James and another friend and enjoyed happy hour! I had the apricot beer from St-Ambroise on a terrasse on a warm spring day, it felt pretty great. The deal was 2 for 1, so I got two of these beers for the price of 7.50$!Ste-Ambroise Beer

We went back to James’ apartment and although I had every intention of making an avocado and shrimp pasta recipe, my hunger and need for immediate food took over and we ordered Indian from Thali

I had a vegetarian platter with Chana Masala, Baingan Alu (potato and cauliflower dish) and Mattar Paneer (peas and tofu in a yummy sauce), with rice and naan bread of course! This was so yummy!

Indian food

Please forgive the TERRIBLE picture and trust me when I say that it was delicious!

We then kept studying on James’ awesome white board (a gift from my parents for his birthday) and eventually called it a night!Studying on white board

Studying is way more fun when you get to act like a teacher and write everything down on a white board.

Quite the day, am I right? Getting all this fun in as well as all this studying feels great! It’s not often that you get to unwind during finals, so I definitely appreciated this day.

Tomorrow I am actually getting my hair dyed blonde!! Dun dun dunnnnn, let’s see how it turns out, I will keep you all posted.

Have a great one guys and happy WIAW!

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